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E3Expo 2005 Exhibitor Profiles

LOS ANGELES -- E3Expo 2005 takes place May 17-19 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. For in-depth information about the event visit or

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Company: AGEIA
Booth/Stand: 7532 Kentia Hall
Media Contact: Kimberley Stowe
Phone:    (408) 839-8750

Product description: The AGEIA PhysX(TM) chip, is the world's
first dedicated Physics Processing Unit (PPU) - a completely new
hardware category that bridges the gap between static virtual worlds
and responsive physical reality. The PhysX chip allows developers to
use active physics-based environments for a more life-like
entertainment experience. The company also provides the NovodeX
physics API.

Company description: AGEIA(TM) Technologies Inc. is a fabless
semiconductor company delivering pervasive interactive reality to
next-generation games. The company secured Series A funding for $9.5 M
in May 2003, and today has more than $38 million in funding and an
additional $30 million secured. Major investors include Apex Venture
Partners, Bank of America Ventures, HIG Ventures, Granite Global
Ventures, CID Equity Partners and TSMC.

Company: AGETEC
Booth/Stand: W2660
Media Contact: Kimberley Stowe
Phone:    (408) 839-8750

Product description: Agetec is a world-class publisher of
award-winning software for the popular PlayStation, PlayStation2 and
PSP platforms sold in North America.

Company description: Agetec publishes many well-known brand
titles, including: "King's Field," "The Adventures of Cookie & Cream,"
"Bass Landing," "RPG Maker," and the "Armored Core" game series as
well as the growing list of titles found in the A1 Games series.

Company: Akella
Booth/Stand: 6459 in Kentia Hall
Ticker Symbol & Exchange:     Akella
Media Contact:
Investor Relations Contact:
Phone:    +7 095 3634612

Product description: Akella presents more than 10 games including

PT-boats: Knights Of The Sea - Naval simulator of WWII battles
with incredible 3d water technology.

Swashbucklers: Blue & Grey - Naval Action/RPG game set in time of
the American Civil War

Age of Pirates - RPG/pirate-simulator devoted to pirate adventures
at Caribbean Seas of 17th century.

Captain Blood - Romantic and heroic action/RPG game, based on
pirate Captain Blood novels series

Company description: Akella was founded in 1993. For now Akella
has gained a stable leading position in multiplatform development,
publishing and distribution on growing extremely Russian and CIS Video
Gaming Market. Akella has already released a number of projects
including worldwide famous games: 'Sea Dogs' (WW publisher - Bethesda
Softworks); 'Age of Sail II' (WW publisher - Take 2 Interactive);
'Pirates of the Caribbean' (WW publisher - Bethesda Softworks).

Company: Alias
Booth/Stand: Meeting Room 501C, Mezzanine Level, West Hall;
Media contact: Christine Maloney
Media contact phone: 416.874.8254

Company description: As the world's leading innovator of 3D
graphics technology, Alias develops award-winning software, custom
development, and training solutions for the film and video, games,
web, interactive media, automotive, industrial design, education, and
visualization markets. On March 1, 2003, for the awards year 2002, the
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awarded Alias/WavefrontT
an OscarR for scientific and technical achievement for the development
of MayaR software, the professional 3D animation and effects package.
Alias offers a powerful range of services for new to advanced users in
the most demanding environments; Learning Tools and training, support,
and professional services help meet rigorous production deadlines.

Company: Atlus U.S.A., Inc.
Booth/Stand: Room 514
Media Contact: Gail Salamanca
Phone:    949-788-0455

Company description: Located in Irvine, CA, Atlus U.S.A., Inc. is
a publisher of challenging and engaging video games for a variety of
platforms including Microsoft's Xbox and Sony's PlayStation(R)2. Atlus
is best known for releasing unique RPGs and Strategy RPGs such as Ogre
Battle, Tactics Ogre, Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, Wizardry, Persona,
Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, and SMT: Digital Devil Saga. For more
information visit:

Company: Autodesk Media and Entertainment
Booth/Stand: Concourse 5018
Ticker Symbol & Exchange:     ADSK
Media Contact: Kevin G. Clark (415) 548-3336
Investor Relations Contact: Sue Piri (
Phone:    415-547-2457

Product description: Autodesk 3ds Max, originally titled 3D Studio
Max, is the premiere 3D modeling, animation and rendering technology
used by the majority of the Game Development industry today. 3D game
development has become very complex, and 3ds Max software delivers
advanced features and production-proven workflow, required by all
professional 3D artists working in Games, Film and Television.

Company description: Autodesk, Inc. is wholly focused on ensuring
that great ideas are turned into reality. Autodesk is the world's
leading software and services company for the building, manufacturing,
infrastructure, digital media, and wireless data services fields.
Autodesk's solutions help customers create, manage, and share their
data and digital assets more effectively. As a result, customers turn
ideas into competitive advantage and become more productive.

Company: The Banff Centre
Booth/Stand: West Hall, 2108, #3
Media Contact: Angelique de la Ronde
Phone:    403.762.7500

Product description: Educational/ Professional Development

Company description: The Accelerator Program provides Western
Canada's digital content and technology companies with support to
drive innovation by facilitating collaboration, matchmaking,
networking, and mentoring opportunities. Delivering business skills
enhancement seminars and workshops. And providing prototyping,
testing, and product co-development services; offering applied
research opportunities and partnerships.

Company: bhv Software GmbH & Co. KG
Booth/Stand:        6015-8
Media Contact: Claas Wolter,
Phone:    +49 2131 765-01

Product description: X-OOM will be presenting its new world
release X-OOM Movies on PSP(TM), the world's first software to convert
movies for your PlayStation Portable(TM). Our games label Rebel Games
will give a first look into Ankh, a new, highly anticipated 3d comic
adventure set in ancient Egypt. Ankh will feature finest black humor
and will bring the classic adventure genre back to life.

Company description: X-OOM, the consumer software division of bhv
Software, develops multimedia software tools that help consumers
around the world get the most out of their digital media. Rebel Games
is the young and innovative games division of bhv software, developed
by our own or licensed from all over the world. bhv Software, founded
in 1984, is one of Europe's leading software publishers.

Company: Bizi Pty Ltd
Booth/Stand: 2240 West Hall
Media Contact: Steve Nguyen
Investor Relations Contact: Antoine Boulos
Phone:    +61 2 1300 305 120

Product description: Bizi, focuses on delivering breath taking
mobile games and applications with graphics, sounds, playability and
unique AI that incorporates a challenge to any given game. Bizi
envisages in being one of the leading developers of games and
applications in the telecommunications industry. One of our major
strengths is our people. Our focus has been, and will continue to be,
on delivering for our customer's innovative and ground-breaking

Company description: Bizi don't just develop games, Bizi is a
company that re-models and revolutionizing game developing technology,
so that one game works on all. Bizi has designed a unique AI system
that will adjust any game to the platform that it's running on. This
means that the game is designed/coded once and then the AI takes over
and adjust the games performance according to the environment it's on
for optimum performance.

Company: Blister Entertainment
Booth/Stand: 2108, West Hall
Media Contact: Stephen Nykolyn, VP Marketing
Investor Relations Contact: Jim George, Chairman and CEO
Phone:    403-829-0098

Product description:

- Blister launched Swordfish, North America's first location based
game on the Bell Mobility network in July 2004. Blister will be
launching Torpedo Bay in the United States within the next month.

- Blister publishes location-based games for mobile phones. These
games use location technology, such as GPS, as part of the game play

- Blister's products truly put the MOBILE in mobile entertainment.

Company description: Blister Entertainment is North America's
first and only publisher of mobile location-based games and
entertainment products.

--Blister is currently in discussions with major mobile operators
and content creators across North America. --Blister is a division of
KnowledgeWhere Corp. - a leading provider of world-class
location-based products and the creator of a robust wireless
technology platform called the Location Application Platform (LAP).

Company: Blue Sphere Games
Booth/Stand: 2316 West Hall - UK: State of Play Pavilion
Ticker Symbol & Exchange:
Media/Investor Relations Contact: David Bozward
Phone:    +44 7970 778000

Product titles:
3D Golden Warrior
Burning Skies
Hunk Machine
Bikini Machine
Astro Pinball

Company description: Blue Sphere Games Ltd is a leading Java games
developer, with a proven track record of delivering a wide range of
titles to the worldwide market. The games made to date have been
distributed worldwide through mobile operators, service providers,
Internet portals and handset manufacturers.

Our current portfolio consists of over 45 titles, in 16 languages,
supporting over 100 handsets. This is continually being expanded to
ensure maximum earnings potential for all our partners throughout the
world. We provide adaptation to suit different languages, target
mobile handsets and Brand requirements.

Company: Bonus Mobile Entertainment
Booth/Stand: Kentia Hall 6553
Media Contact: John Russel, SSA Public Relations
Phone:    818-501-0700

Product description: At E3, BME will launch THE DOZENS(TM), a new
multiplayer game for mobile phones created by the Wayans brothers; and
RUDETONES(TM), an eclectic collection of ringtones that mimic
outrageous human bodily sounds most people apologize for making.
Current products include WordZap(TM), Crickler Mobile(TM), Mystic
Warrior(TM) and Gotcha!(TM).

Company description: BME is an established virtual network of
original and licensed content, and multi-player platform games, which
utilizes unique, proprietary strategies and technologies for
distribution. BME also distributed features for mobile phones,
including ring tones, greeting cards, wallpapers, screen savers, alert
systems and services, including gas price alerts, motivational
messages, diet tips and email.

Company: Brighter Child Interactive
Booth/Stand: 2108 West Hall
Media Contact: Jody McLain
Investor Relations Contact: Kevin Hess
Phone:    614-430-3021

Product description: 'Preschool Edge' & 'Kindergarten Edge'

Activate your child's full potential!

These 18-piece learning kits include educational software,
activity workbooks, fun card games, and a wipe-clean surface to
practice your writing.

Popular children's characters and multimedia learning tools come
together to enforce basic preschool and kindergarten skills.

Company description: Brighter Child Interactive, LLC dedicates its
efforts to making learning fun by publishing wholesome educational
materials for children and their parents. Based in Columbus, Ohio and
Toronto, Ontario, Brighter Child Interactive is an award-winning
publisher holding licensing agreements for many popular PBS KIDS
programs as well as Muppet Babies, Tonka, Scrabble, Garfield, Totally
Spies, and The Land Before Time.

Company: Buena Vista Games
Booth/Stand:        South Hall 900
Media/Investor Relations Contact: Angela Emery
Phone:    818-553-3923

Product description: Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas,
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe,
KINGDOM HEARTS II, Disney's Chicken Little, Herbie: Fully Loaded, Kim
Possible 3: Team Possible, Lizzie McGuire 3: Homecoming Havoc, That's
So Raven 2: Supernatural Style, Disney's The Proud Family, Kim
Possible: Kimmunicator, Lizzie McGuire & That's So Raven, and
Cinderalla: Magical Dreams, and more!

Company description: Buena Vista Games, Inc. (BVG) is the
interactive entertainment arm of The Walt Disney Company. The division
publishes, markets and distributes a broad portfolio of multi-platform
video games and interactive entertainment worldwide. The company also
licenses properties and works directly with third-party interactive
game publishers to bring products for all ages to market. For more
information, please log on to

Company: Buka Entertainment
Booth/Stand: 6137, Kentia Hall
Media Contact: Julia Gribonosova (
Investor Relations Contact: Inna Sutsepina (
Phone:    7 095 7809092

Product description:
Pacific Storm - WW2 RTS
Hard Truck: Apocalyptic Wars - action/RPG
Hellforces - FPS
Operation: Matriarchy - FPS
The Stalin Subway - FPS
Pathologic - adventure
Battle Mages: Sign of Darkness - Role Playing Strategy
Hard Truck Tycoon  - economic sim

Company description: Buka Entertainment is one of the European
games publishers, it has been operating for 11 years already in the
publishing business. Buka brings Russian games of high quality to 70
countries via cooperation with 56 reputable publishers. In early 2005
Buka opened an office in China. For more information about Buka,
please refer to Media contact is Julia Gribonosova
( for news, press releases, interviews, and assets.

Company: deset GmbH
Booth/Stand:        6015-7
Media Contact:
Phone:    +49/711/907 229 - 10

Product description: deset Pocket Video Maker is the program to
create full length movies of best image and sound quality for handheld
devices. A 2-hour movie for example comfortably fits onto a 128 or
256MB storage card. From now on you can watch your favorite movies on
the train, on the airplane, while waiting for the bus or simply
wherever you happen to take your pocket PC, palm PDA, mobile phone,
Gizmondo or Sony PSP.

Company description: deset was founded in 2002 and has about 12

employees at the moment. The core business of deset is the development
and sales of mobile communication software and services. Since 2004
deset has now started to develop and bring to market end consumer
video software. The "Pocket Video Maker" product line converts movies
quickly onto mobile devices such as Symbian smartphones, Microsoft
smartphones, pocket PC, palm PDA, Sony PSP and others.

Company: Disc-Go-Tech
Booth/Stand: Kentia 7504
Media Contact: Mehgan Sabau
Investor Relations Contact: Mark Chaplin
Phone:    317-202-2280 x. 15

Product description: The newest concept in disc repair brings
full-automation right to your desktop with the Disc-Go-100! Using
robotics, the Disc-Go-100 will move your disc through each step of the
repair process including a rinse and dry cycle. Repair all your discs,
from light to heavy scratch damage in one easy step. Simply place your
stack of up to 100 discs on the stacking spindle and walk away, your
discs will come out dry, shiny and looking like new!

Company description: Disc-Go-Tech, founded in 1996, is a privately
held corporation in Langley, British Columbia that specializes in
commercial disc repair solutions. Their signature line of disc repair
machines is available worldwide. For more information, visit or call 1-866-237-3724.

Company: ECD Systems
Booth/Stand: 6453
Media Contact: Maribeth Mello
Investor Relations Contact: Christian von der Heyde
Phone:    508/420-6950

Product description: Digital Armor technology creates a blanket of
security that keeps asset control in the hands of the appropriate
party: the title's designer and distributor. In fact, we have
engineered our copy protection technology to enable "try and buy"
limited use product copies. Our design philosophy for Digital Armor
focuses on creating a transparent security shield which enhances
revenue production rather than creating additional expense and margin

Company description: ECD Systems, Inc. is the technology leader in
protecting all forms of digital content from unauthorized
distribution. ECD's flagship product, Digital Armor, is a
multi-layered solution that helps combat digital piracy while offering
absolute control over how content is utilized. ECD Systems' technology
was developed in cooperation with industry giants to create the
patented technology that differentiates our products and services.

Company: eReal Games
Booth/Stand: Kentia 6215
Media Contact: Jonathan Jaffa
Phone:    +44 (0) 28 90230500

Product description: eReal Games has filed multiple patents
relating to Realistic Game Technology (RGT). A technology that has
already broken all existing barriers, by creating the birth of the G1
Light Gun, the world's first and only light gun that works on any TV.
This powerful visual tracking system is also the basis for developing
other exciting virtual reality based accessories for boxing, sword
fighting, sports and fitness games.

Company description: eReal Games develop affordable
state-of-the-art accessories for video games worldwide.

Company: Eutechnyx Limited
Booth/Stand: 2316 West Hall
Media Contact: Mark Barton;
Investor Relations Contact: Darren Jobling;
Phone:    +44 191 460 6060

Product description: Eutechnyx is the award winning video game
developer specialising in driving and racing games.

The company has just completed the highly acclaimed Ford Mustang -
The Legend Lives for Take 2.

Big Mutha Truckers 2, the sequel to the million selling original,
is also scheduled for a summer release.

Other titles include SRS Street Racing Syndicate and Car Jacker.

Company description: Eutechnyx is a privately owned development
studio, with a passion for racing and driving games. The company also
having expertise in character based comedy games such as the million
selling Big Mutha Truckers. Eutechnyx has over 76 dedicated
development staff, and has developed product for Take 2, Namco
Hometek, Eidos, THQ, Empire interactive, Atari and Electronic Arts.
Eutechnyx is an official Xbox 360 developer

Company: Firemint Game Development
Booth/Stand: 2240
Media/Investor Relations Contact: Robert Murray
Phone:    +61 9421 2292

Product description: Firemint's First Eleven Soccer is a fast
paced, full field soccer game that brings the excitement of the real
game to your mobile phone. Firemint's multi-platform technology
compresses console style 3D gaming into a tiny memory footprint small
enough for distribution 'Over The Air'. Stunning graphics, addictive
action and authentic rules and tactics make this a must have title.

Company description: Firemint is a leading game developer with nine
published titles covering over 50 different devices (GBA, J2ME, Brew,
DoJa, Symbian, PocketPC). Firemint has worked on key brands from
Nicktoons(TM) to Star Trek(TM) for premium publishers. Ask us about
our cutting edge 3D sports engine.

Company: Fogware Publishing
Booth/Stand: Meeting Room 6903
Media Contact: Nicole Curry
Phone:    650-333-9460

Product description: Educational software and DVD publisher

Company description: Fogware Publishing is dedicated to publishing
innovative media for all platforms. The company's foundation is as an
established CD-ROM publisher of fine brands including Merriam-Webster,
and is introducing new and exciting releases for DVD and DVD-ROM
platforms. With over 200 quality products, Fogware looks to illuminate
your life with knowledge!

Company: Game Factory Interactive Ltd.
Booth/Stand:  6515 Kentia Hall
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: GFI
Media Contact:
Investor Relations Contact:
Phone: +7 095 745-23-24

Product description: Our in-house development projects, which will
be presented at E3:

Warfare(developer:Mist Land-South) - real-time strategy
Jagged Alliance 3D(Mist Land-South) - 3D strategy game
Officers(GFI UA) - real-time strategy
Neuro(Revolt Games) - first person shooter
Rat Hunter(Secret Sign) - first person shooter

Company description: Game Factory Interactive Ltd. is an
independent PC Games developer and publisher. We publish directly in
Russian and Ukrainian markets, via our partner companies in Eastern
Europe and sublicense in other territories. With our products, we
target all market segments including but not limited to: Games,
Educational products and Kids' products. Our motto: "To provide
outstanding gaming experience by bringing high quality games at fair

Company: GamePort - Team Tarsier
Booth/Stand: 7156
Media Contact: Andreas Johnsson
Investor Relations Contact: Mattias Nygren
Phone:    +46454307171

Product description: Metronome - "An innovative action adventure
game where sound is your weapon. Unprecedented graphical style and
gameplay in a world filled with bizarre characters and dark humor."
Venture into the city of Metronome, a sprawling mass of haphazardly
built houses and makeshift machinery where the outlandish inhabitants
are carrying out their chores day and night. Explore winding alleys,
skewed rooftops and crowded apartment buildings as you search for
proof of the Corporations secret agenda. Listen out for sounds to
record that will help you manipulate your surroundings and your
enemies, as you slowly uncover a mystery that reaches out from the
borders of the game and into reality itself.

Company description: Team Tarsier is an independent development
team situated in Karlshamn, Sweden. We are currently developing the
Metronome prototype in-house at Gameport AB, an incubator for
innovative game concepts.

Company: Gamer Graffix
Booth/Stand: 6053
Media Contact: Lisa Crowell
Investor Relations Contact:  Christopher White
Phone:    401-413-0318

Product description: Gamer Graffix(TM) (patent pending) are mods
for gaming systems. All Gamer Graffix(TM) SKINS are made with a
specially formulated adhesive and flexible epoxy coating applied over
the highest quality graphics. This process not only makes our SKINS
Washable, but makes them Reusable. It has been described as Protection
and Value with a distinctive look of a custom case.

Company description: Gamer Graffix(TM) is perfectly poised to
become the unparalleled market leader in the multi-media accessory
market. As a hardcore car customizer and founder/owner of a 15
year-old East Coast design and manufacturing company, steeped in the
hottest music & movie licensed properties, Chris White (a.k.a Whitey)
founded Gamer Graffix(TM) with the belief that ALL electronic media
should reflect the personality of its owner.

Company: Global Gaming League
Booth/Stand: South Hall 346
Media Contact: James Little
Phone:    310.697.3008

Product description: GGL will be hosting the 1st Annual V-Sports
All-Star Games at E3 Expo 2005. The exciting and extremely competitive
3-day tournament, which is sponsored by NVIDIA and Intel, will take
place in a special gaming area located at NVIDIA's booth (South Hall
346). The tournament will see NVIDIA and Intel furnishing cash and
prizes for the competition in the amount of $25,000!

Company description: GGL is the worldwide leader in organized
competitive online and live video game tournaments and events. At, proprietary technology enables gamers from around the world
to easily connect, play, create groups and leagues, and interact and
access unique content. Collectively, GGL's offerings create an
immersive, participatory entertainment experience for the rapidly
growing community of connected video-game game players.

Company: Global Software Publishing
Booth/Stand: Kentia Hall 7605
Media Contact: Ilise Levine
Phone:    646/792-2795

Product description: Rainbow Fish and the Big Ocean Party- the
newest interactive software title in the internationally best-selling
Rainbow Fish merchandising product line. Rainbow Fish has sold more
than 8 million books and one million videos worldwide and is regularly
seen in 13 million households on HBO Family channel.

Company description: Global Software Publishing is the exclusive
publisher of the highly respected Dorling Kindersley CD-ROM software
titles. Our product list includes best-selling children's book
characters, such as Rainbow Fish, Little Polar Bear and Miffy in their
multimedia interactive adventures. We also publish StudyWorks Teaching
Pro titles, serious achievement-oriented software for students in
school's hardest subjects: math and science.

Company: HotSeat Chassis Inc
Booth/Stand: 6719
Media Contact: Eric Pontbriand
Phone:    860-582-5031 ext. 200

Product description: The Hot Seat Solo is a video and gaming
chassis designed to play video games, watch movies, watch TV or listen
to MP3's in 6 speaker surround sound. HotSeat is launching the RACER
and TRX models designed to play racing games in surround sound with
the feel and sounds of a real racecar. The TRX provides an LCD stand
for your own person gaming chassis. the SOLO has won the Editors
Choice Award at the 2005 CES + CARGO and STUFF Magazines.

Company description: HotSeat Chassis is a start up company located
in Terryville, Ct. The HotSeat Solo and Racer were invented by Jay
LeBoff after being bored with playing racing games with a controller
on the couch. The company has won national awards for it innovative

Company: Inoveris, LLC
Booth/Stand: Kentia Hall 6947
Media Contact: Jen Simon
Phone:    614-766-3136

Product description: Inoveris, a single-source provider of
value-added supply chain management services that provides real-time
visibility with their Web-based tool, Exchange, will be in attendance
at the 2005 E3 Expo, Booth 6947 Kentia Hall, May 17th through 20th.
Inoveris offers a flexible service offering targeted at the complex
supply chain of videogame publishers, which improves delivery time,
reduces cost and ensures compliance with retailer requirements.

Company description: Inoveris LLC enables companies to streamline
the process of delivering products and information to market by
providing full range of technology-driven supply chain solutions
across materials management, CD-ROM/DVD manufacturing, kitting and
assembly, distribution and returns management. Real-time
customer-accessible online reporting supports all services. Inoveris
operations are based in Dublin, OH with locations in Orem, UT and
Toronto, Canada.

Company: Interactive Data Visualization, Inc.
Booth/Stand: 7501 Kentia Hall
Media/Investor Relations Contact: Kevin Meredith
Phone:    (803) 356-1999

Product description: SpeedTreeRT delivers low-polygon, highly
realistic trees and plants, with adjustable wind effects, seamless LOD
transitions, and an included library of hundreds of tree models from
more than 100 core species. SpeedTreeRT includes SpeedTreeCAD, a
Windows application used to create and edit animated trees in

Company description: Interactive Data Visualization, Inc. (IDV),
develops software products with a focus on real-time three dimensional
applications for the game development, visual simulation, engineering
visualization, and animation industries. IDV, a privately held
corporation, was founded in 1999 in Columbia, South Carolina. For more
information about IDV, visit

Company: IT GlobalSecure Inc.
Booth/Stand: 6736
Media Contact: Dolly Altman
Investor Relations Contact: Cheryl Campbell
Phone:    +1.202.332.5106x121

Product description: SecurePlay is a set of secure state engines
that stop cheating and piracy and simplifies multiplayer and network
game development. SecurePlay is available in C++, Java, and J2ME and
comes with a simple API for programming that wraps a suite of custom
security algorithms. Full documentation and extensive white papers are
available online at: Licenses include full
source code.

Company description: IT GlobalSecure delivers the SecurePlay
product line that stops cheating and piracy for network games. Since
2000, the company has provided advanced IT security products and
services to clients worldwide. IT GlobalSecure holds U.S. and
International patents for SecurePlay technology plus additional
patents pending in transaction protection, financial security, and

Company: Leboe & Grice Multimedia
Booth/Stand: 2108 West Hall
Media Contact: Lynn Leboe
Phone:    604-888-0828

Product description: Smart-Bear Adventures fills a PC software
niche between a storybook and video game for children 3-9 years old.
Combining what parents want with what children find engaging, the
beautifully animated story unfolds as Mama Smart-Bear has given birth
to twin cubs. Children follow the bear tracks, view unseen worlds and
are rewarded for each page read in their multimedia activity center.
Each of the three volume set adds value to the previous.

1 Minute Wireless: Create web pages for cell phones and PDAs.
Optimizes images and generates CSS files with copyright options for
author. One step upload to the Internet. English, Spanish, French,
German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese from the Interface. PC software Mac
OSX or Windows 98-XP. Linux available upon request.

Company description: Leboe & Grice Multimedia has more than 20
years experience in research & development, high level strategic
design and publishing for International audiences. New products for
2005 include: Smart-Bear Adventures - Jeanie Whistler, Cubs in
Trouble, Hideaway, PC/Mac OSX 1 Minute Wireless, 1 Minute Video
Blogger support English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese
and Chinese.

Company: Legacy Interactive
Booth/Stand: 6842 Kentia Hall
Media Contact: Kelly Taylor, 310-694-3133,
Investor Relations Contact: Ariella Lehrer, CEO Legacy Interactive
Phone:  323-463-0300 ext. 102

Company Description: Legacy Interactive has a reputation for being
a leader in developing innovative, intelligent, and entertaining video
games. In addition to the well-received Law & Order games, Legacy
plans to continue its dominance in the realistic video game genre by
introducing four new TV branded games, ER, Law & Order: Criminal
Intent, The Apprentice and Without a Trace. By acquiring these popular
television licenses, Legacy Interactive can further meet the needs and
exceed the expectations of an ever expanding casual gaming demographic
as well as draw in the TV drama based audience.

Company: Looking Glass Networks, Inc.
Booth/Stand: 6745
Media Contact: Melanie Reppond
Investor Relations Contact: Doug Butler
Phone:    630.242.2000
Web: and

Product description: CentraGLASS services from Looking Glass are
cost-effective solutions for web hosting, gaming, application
services, content distribution and storage applications in a
supportive business environment with numerous connectivity options.
Our facilities are carrier-class data centers, with your choice of
Tier 1 Internet providers and virtual cross connects. We can offer
flexible packages and access to all major carriers and data centers in
a market.

Company description: Looking Glass offers cost-effective
CentraGLASS solutions for web hosting, gaming, application services,
content distribution and storage applications with numerous
connectivity and data center options. The data centers are in eight of
the largest US markets: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los
Angeles, New York/New Jersey, Seattle, and Washington DC/Northern
Virginia. All CentraGLASS customers have access to our dense fiber
optic networks.

Company:  Massive Incorporated
Booth/Stand:        Kentia Hall 6854
Media Contact:      Alison Lange
Investor Relations Contact:   Katherine Hays, Nicholas Longano
Phone:    212-228-2296

Product description: Massive Incorporated is the world's first and
only video game network. Massive aggregates the largest gaming
audience, delivers advertising across a network of premier video game
titles and provides measured results on consumer interaction with the
advertising. Massive has developed patent-pending ad serving
technology that allows for seamless integration and targeted delivery
of ad elements, as well as powerful back-end reporting.

Company description: The Massive Network represents a technology
and media solution that brings together publishers, developers, gamers
and advertisers. By aggregating the largest audience of gamers and
delivering real-time advertising across top-selling games, Massive
provides publishers and developers the highest profit per unit shipped
for their titles and gives advertisers the opportunity to effectively
market to the gaming audience.

Company: Mastertronic Group
Booth/Stand: Booth 2316 West Hall
Ticker Symbol & Exchange:
Media Contact: Lisa Richards -

Product description: The Mastertronic Group houses three premium
value brands, namely PC Gamer presents (in partnership with Future
Publishing - featuring games which have scored 80% plus) and MAD
(games must have sold in excess of 100,000 units at full price) both
with an SRP of GBP 9.99/EUR 14.95 plus Sold Out which boasts
unrivalled catalogue of top quality games - srp of GBP 4.99/EUR 7.95

Company description: Founded 8 years ago based in Cambridgeshire
and London UK, The Mastertronic Group is the market leader in value
software publishing in the UK. Working with partners such as EA, Sega,
Codemasters, Ubisoft, Vivendi the labels boast over 100 AAA titles.

Company: McCabes
Booth/Stand: 2400
Media Contact: Jeff Meek
Phone:    +44 07774 426350
Web:      http:\\

Product description: Professional services to computer games
sector, including strategy, fund raising, tax advice and inward
investment structures

Company description: Leading firm of professional advisers,
McCabes is particularly close to the Games industry and acts for many
of its players, they provide a range of consultancy and corporate
finance services with a 100% record of delivering cash back on
Research and Development Tax Credits. CEO, Jeff Meek, is widely
regarded as a key figure in the games sector.

Company: Microsoft
Booth/Stand: 1246, South
Ticker Symbol & Exchange:     MSFT
Media Contact: Ryan James
Investor Relations Contact: Cinthia Portugal,
Phone:    206.223.1606
Web: or

Product description: Xbox ( is the video game
system from Microsoft that brings people together for the most
exhilarating game and entertainment experiences. Xbox delivers an
expansive collection of breakthrough games, powerful hardware and the
unified Xbox Live online service. The tag line, "It's good to play
together," captures the spirit of Xbox as the social hub of the new
digital entertainment lifestyle.

Company description: Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq "MSFT") is
the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help
people and businesses realize their full potential.

Company: Midas Interactive Entertainment Ltd
Booth/Stand: 2800
Media/Investor Relations Contact: Sam Collins
Phone:    44-1279-858000

Product description: Shin Megami Tensei: Lucifer's Call, Age
Rating: Pegi 16+ Set in post-apocalyptic Tokyo, the entire population
of the world is annihilated by a global catastrophe. Now the fate of
the new world lies on the shoulders of one young man, who must battle
his way through demonic forces to create his own vision of the future.

Company description: Midas Interactive are a highly successful
international publisher of video games for Sony PSOne, PlayStation 2,
PC, handheld computers and mobile phones.

Midas provides outstanding value for full price and budget priced
games and has achieved phenomenal success with sales of over 7 million
units on the PlayStation platform alone.

Company: Mythic Entertainment
Booth/Stand: Concourse Hall 5001
Media Contact: Eddiemae Jukes
Phone:    415-777-4000

Product description: Imperator is a sci-fi MMORPG set in a distant
future where the Roman Republic never fell. Small changes at crucial
moments in Roman history create an entirely new timeline for Earth.
When the game begins, new threats to the Republic have sprung up,
making the galaxy more dangerous and the Republic less stable.
Imperator features an accessible mission system, sci-fi weapons,
multiple character profession paths, and a compelling alternate

Company description: Mythic Entertainment is one of the most
successful developers and publishers of MMORPGs in the world. Credited
with 15 online games, including the award winning "Dark Age of
Camelot," Mythic's success is based in proprietary technology,
superior game design and exemplary customer service delivered by a
talented staff of more than 160 people. "Dark Age of Camelot" is
played throughout the world in seven languages.

Company: N Contents, Inc.
Booth/Stand: 6721
Media/Investor Relations Contact: CMO Eric Choi
Phone:    213-200-0986

Product description: Fashion & Design Games focus on pre-school
girls. Game users can make their own characters and clothes. The main
product includes 4 different games, Dress-Up, Make-Up, Beauty Salon,
Design & Decoration games, and has over 50 different characters. These
games & characters can be transferred to mobile as well. All games &
characters are licensed and secured technically.

Company description: N Contents, Inc. is already famous company in
Asia. This company provides entertainment & educational contents to
NHN, Yahoo Korea, Chinese Government, International Children
Organization, etc. N Contents service on & off - line games. N
Contents, Inc. can make whatever you want. We customize games and
characters for your company & your web site. All characters &
designers are licensed.

Company: NCsoft
Booth/Stand: South Hall 1024
Ticker Symbol & Exchange:     036570.KSE
Media Contact: David Swofford
Investor Relations Contact: Brian Min
Phone:    512 498-4002

Product description:

-Auto Assault: fast-paced vehicular combat in a post-apocalyptic

-City of Villains: the anxiously awaited expansion to the hit
game, City of Heroes!

-Tabula Rasa: an epic tale of good versus evil set in a near
future setting that combines science fiction and fantasy super cool,
sci-fi experience!

-Guild Wars immerses players in a colorful, robust and detailed
online fantasy world.

Company description: NCsoft is headquartered in Austin, Texas and
is part of Korea-based NCsoft Corporation. NC-NA, with development and
administrative offices in Texas and California, launched two titles in
the first half of 2004, Lineage(R) II and City of Heroes(R) and Guild
Wars in April of 2005. The company also works with subsidiaries and
third party developers throughout North America to develop and publish
innovative online entertainment software products.

Company: NubyTech Inc
Booth/Stand: Kentia Hall 6053
Media Contact: Birute Tursa
Investor Relations Contact: Paul Chen
Phone: 310 460 2588

Product description: NubyTech's product line includes licensed
peripherals for Capcom's Street Fighter(R), Resident Evil(R)4 and
MegaMan(TM). Konami's Frogger(R) and Yu-gi-oh!(TM). Atari's DragonBall
Z(R). For the releases of these and other upcoming products, please
visit or

Company description: NubyTech Inc., headquartered in Los Angeles,
CA, is a leading manufacturer and designer of video game accessories
for major gaming systems including the PlayStationR2 computer
entertainment system, the PSPT handheld entertainment system, Nintendo
GameCube(TM), Nintendo DS and the XBOX(TM) video game system from
Microsoft. NubyTech(TM) focuses exclusively on licensed accessory
products and currently has over 20 licenses.

Company: NYKO
Booth/Stand: West Hall Booth 2408
Media Contact: Sibel Sunar
Phone:    310 785-0515 ext. 271

Product description:

--         Theater Experience for PSP
--         Charger Case for PSP
--         Screen Armor for PSP
--         Live Adaptor for Xbox Live
--         Live! Ultra Pak
--         Wireless Headset for Xbox Live
--         Air Flo Wireless controller for Xbox
--         Air Flo EX for PC/Mac
--         Desktop Multi Hub for PC/Mac

Company description: Nyko Technologies(R) is a developer and
manufacturer of innovative peripherals for the digital lifestyle.
Nyko(R) specializes in interactive entertainment, computing, consumer
electronics, portable audio, as well as online and wireless
technologies. Founded in 1995, the company is headquartered in Los
Angeles, Calif. Please go to for more information.
Marketing: contact Susan Corben 310 446-6602 ext.18

Booth/Stand: 7620
Media Contact: Abe Boteh
Phone:    213-627-7259

Product description: microsoft xbox games-playstation1-2
games-nintendo games-gameboy advance-sp-ds-sony psp-nintendo game
cube-games and accessories. -closeout specialist

Company description: Distributor of video games-closeout
specialist-xbx-ps2-psx-ngc-sony psp-gba-games & accessories.

Company: Peer 1 Network Enterprises, Inc.
Booth/Stand: 6659
Ticker Symbol & Exchange:     PIX (TSX Venture)
Media/Investor Relations Contact: Katie Wilson
Phone:    1.866.683.7747

Product description: Online transactions will be faster than ever
before with Peer 1 Network's all-new RAPID EDGE(TM) content delivery
network. Replace customer frustration with improved user experience,
faster transactions and added security. All this, with no capital
investment, and for a fraction of the price offered by most content
delivery providers. Peer 1 can have your content enabled in just a few
hours, no matter where your origin site is located.

Company description: Hardcore performance network and servers
built for gamers, developers, publishers and providers. Peer 1 Network
operates data centers and a world-class IP network in two continents,
three countries and eleven major city centers around the world. Gamers
trust Peer 1 for their low-latency network and co-location needs.

Booth/Stand: Booth 2108/West Hall
Media Contact: Caroline LaRue
Investor Relations Contact:   Patrizia Casubolo
Phone:    (514) 499-3000

Product description: Entirely created by an in-house team of
experienced editors, illustrators and programmers, QAINTERNATIONAL's
multimedia products such as The Visual Guides series on The Universe,
the Human Body, The Earth and the Weather, The Visual Food
Encyclopedia, or the Mango Plumo series are all state-of-the-art
CD-ROMs that offer an amazing wealth of information.

Company description: QAINTERNATIONAL is a leading publisher and
packager of visually innovative reference books and multimedia
products. Recognized for creating outstanding design, remarkable
computer-generated illustrations and solid content, QAINTERNATIONAL
has been developing and producing visual reference material of
exceptional quality for more than twenty years, including the original
Visual Dictionary, which enjoys a phenomenal success around the world.

Company: QMotions Inc.
Booth/Stand: Kentia  6521
Media Contact: Erin Nave, Dittoe Public Relations
Phone:    317.202.2280 x. 16

Product description: Several new products will be introduced in
2005, including QMotions-Baseball and a complete line of fitness
products to be marketed under the brand name QMotions-Fun Fitness.

Company description: Headquartered in Riverside, California,
QMotions, Inc. specializes in developing and marketing
state-of-the-art PC and console-based active game technologies that
incorporate "full-motion" participation from players. The company's
flagship product, QMotions-Golf, launched in early 2004.

Booth/Stand: 6608 KENTIA HALL
Phone:    213-9496868



Company: Scanavo North America Ltd.
Booth/Stand: 6637
Phone:    1-403-250-6855

Product description: 2, 3,4, 5, and 6 In One Plastic DVD cases,
caters to the gaming, software and movie industry. The newest addition
to our product line is the STEELBOOK" that tailors a focus to the
gaming and movie industry.

Company description: Scanavo is a manufacturer and importer of
disc media packaging, with reach to a global customer base. Scanavo
focuses on unique and innovated packaging solutions in both plastic
and metal cases, catering to the gaming, software and movie industry.

Company: Schanz International Consultants
Booth/Stand: Kentia Hall 6837
Media Contact:
Investor Relations Contact:
Phone:    +49 6326 6010

Product description: Diabolique: License to Sin, a high profile
3rd Person Action shooter with classic game-play and outstanding
technology. Schanz Consultants is exclusively licensing this from
their long-term partner developer and will be meeting publishers
interested in licensing the title world wide or
territory-by-territory. More on the title at
Schanz will also discuss titles from their other partner studios
including Black Sea Studios.

Company description: Schanz International Consultants has been
linking developers and publishers and partners on long term with
several high profile studios to handle their business relations and
licensing. Schanz will be presenting Diabolique: License to Sin (TPS
on PC and X-Box), X-Box for Dungeon Lords (RPG), several licenses for
Asia and a new title from Black Sea Studios. More at

Company:  SDW Games Inc.
Booth/Stand: 6746 & 6748
Media Contact: Avi Gerassi
Investor Relations Contact: Lea Holinger
Phone: (858)549-8889

Product description: Virtual plug & play TV games; including
Tennis, Ping Pong and Kickboxing. Our games are a fun way to get
exercise and improve coordination, offering countless hours of fun for
the whole family.

Company description: SDW Games Inc. is a world leading independent
developer and publisher of interactive Virtual TV Games. Our
interactive virtual reality TV video games are designed to plug
directly into the Television or VCR with AV inputs. This gaming
technology is considered to be the latest innovation in virtual TV
games. SDW Games Inc. headquarters is located in San Diego,

Company: Simutronics
Booth/Stand: Kentia 6509
Media/Investor Relations Contact: Neil Harris
Phone:    301-641-8510

Product description: Hero's Journey is a groundbreaking massively
multiplayer online (MMO) roleplaying game set in the company's world
of Elanthia, a rich world created in previous titles like GemStone and
DragonRealms. Players become truly unique in appearance, style of
play, and possessions. With a focus on roleplaying, social skills
become as important as combat and magic. A vast team of GameMasters
creates and enhances the world and gameplay daily.

Company description: Simutronics and independent publisher of MMO
games and is the pioneering developer in the business, founded in
1987. The company was the #1 game provider on AOL and GEnie during the
1990's and the company reached the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing
private companies in 1999. The company currently has 40 employees and
more than 300 independent GameMasters, and has offices in St. Charles,
MO and Gaithersburg, MD.

Company: SMARTguard Software
Booth/Stand: 6610
Media Contact: Jerald Block
Phone:    503-242-5543

Product description: WallFly is a parental control application
that uses the ESRB-based ratings and content descriptors to protect
children from inappropriate game content. It also allows parents to
set daily and weekly time allowances for computer and game use. Easy
enough for a parent to setup and secure enough to prevent a child's
tampering, WallFly's extensive database is aware of new games and will
enforce each child's profile without additional administration.

Company description: SMARTguard Software was founded by two
medical doctors to provide software tools that help parents and others
address the problems associated with inappropriate, illegal and
excessive computer use. Based in Portland, Oregon, the company is
focused on computer gaming and free peer-to-peer applications.

Company: SN Systems Ltd
Booth/Stand: Kentia Hall 6815
Media Contact: Alison Beasley
Phone:    00441179299733

Product description: SN Systems has built an enviable reputation
for understanding and meeting the needs of games developers delivering
products such as ProDG, ProView, SNC and Tuner as well as consistently
providing first class technical support.

Company description: Bristol UK based SN Systems Ltd., is the
leading independent producer of software development tools for the
console games industry. Since 1988, SN Systems has become the world
authority in their field, producing industry-standard software
development tools for both Nintendo and Sony Computer Entertainment's
consoles and handhelds.

Booth/Stand: West Hall, 2108 #3
Media Contact: Mike Bienstock
Investor Relations Contact:   Beat Raemy, CEO
Phone:    (416) 322-2868

Product description: Stunning, Glasses-Free 3D technology for
everything from electronic games and home theater to architectural and
medical simulation. SVI is announcing the roll out of new 17" and 24"
auto-stereoscopic displays- the brightest and sharpest available.
Along with SVI's 3D software suite, anything is possible in a true 3D
environment: 2D to 3D conversion of movies and stills, 3D video
presentations, and live interaction with the 3D image via your hand.

Company description: "No glasses-- ever!" With that pronouncement
our company was born. SVI is a Canadian and German company opening a
new dimension in 3D image processing. As pioneers in spatial imaging,
we've designed a variety of graphical applications that work
independently of display type and manufacture to bring the most
astounding and breathtaking 3D to your work or play! Look for our 3D
in engineering, media, medicine, advertising and entertainment

Company: Spir.Ops
Booth/Stand:        6843
Media/Investor Relations Contact: Axel Buendia
Phone:    +33 1 48 05 10 98

Product description: 1st Graphical Editor for Artificial
Intelligence. SpirOps is an A.I. Development Kit for Video Games.
SpirOps helps your team create artificial behaviors, including
Emotions, Personalities with Memory and Adaptability Capabilities.
SpirOps is issued from 6 years of research. SpirOps uses a new
approach of the Artificial Intelligence. This approach drastically
enhances the A.I. capabilities in video games.

Company description: Spir.Ops is a young company, created in 2003.
As its name underlines it, it focuses on the Operative part of Spirit:
think processes. The team is well trained to work in industrial
applications, and makes a bridge between you and Artificial
Intelligence technologies, to bring you the production tools you need.

Company: Square Enix, Inc.
Booth/Stand: 746 in South Hall Media
Contact: Kumiko Hakushi Phone: 310.846.0366

Product description:

DRAGON QUEST(TM) VIII: Journey of the Cursed King(TM), FINAL


Mobile Games: Before Crisis(TM) -FINAL FANTASY(R) VII-, FINAL


Company description: Square Enix, Inc. is a wholly owned
subsidiary of Square Enix Co., Ltd. with offices in Los Angeles, CA
and Seattle, WA. It handles operations in North America, including
development, localization, marketing and publishing of Square Enix

Square Enix brings two of Japan's best-selling franchises - FINAL
FANTASY(R), which has sold over 60 million units worldwide, and DRAGON
QUEST(TM), which has sold over 35 million units worldwide--under one

Company: StarForce
Booth/Stand: 7522
Media/Investor Relations Contact:
Phone:    +7(095)967 1451

Product description: StarForce Protection Studio - elegant
multifunctional solution for software developers and publishers to
defend their products against piracy, control product license
distribution, and effectively manage protection projects. The product
combines unique code protection technologies, flexible activation and
license distribution control, and built-in mechanisms that seamlessly
prevent the illegal copying of licensed media.

Company description: Leading provider of software protection
solutions designed to fight piracy and assist software developers and
publishers to effectively secure intellectual property and safeguard
revenues. Well-known among industry professionals for its state of the
art software-and-hardware-level encryption technologies. Provides a
broad range of high- quality and cost-effective protection and
licensing solutions for business and entertainment applications.

Company: TechExcel, Inc.
Booth/Stand: 6504
Media Contact: Julie Bock
Phone:    925-871-3900

Product description: DevTrack is a leading project- and
defect-tracking tool for product development organizations that
comprehensively tracks and manages all product defects, change
requests, and all other development issues.

DevTest is the user-friendly tool designed to give QA teams a
complete view of their product testing. DevTest provides process
automation, workflow, detailed searching and reporting for QA test

Company description: TechExcel is dedicated to developing software
solutions with built-in business intelligence that can be configured
by the users to optimize their business processes. By providing
integrated CRM, HelpDesk, and Project Tracking applications, TechExcel
integrates Web, wireless, and client/server technologies to provide
companies with the flexibility needed to better manage their business.

Company: Tips & Tricks Magazine
Booth/Stand: F-13 Concourse Hall
Media Contact: Michael Wexler
Phone:    323-651-5400

Product description: Tips & Tricks is a video game strategy and
codes magazine invented to debunk the myth that real gamers don't
cheat. Strategy guides, cheat codes, upcoming game previews, mobile
game information, and much more is what makes Tips & Tricks the #1
video game tips magazine on newsstands.

Company description: Tips & Tricks is published by Larry Flynt
Publications, headquartered in Beverly Hills, California. Established
in the Spring of 1994 as a special feature to the then "VideoGame
Magazine". With over 120 issues published today the consensus is clear
that gamers and video game developers like having cheat codes and
strategy guides.

Company:  Track 7
Booth/Stand: kentia 6559
Media Contact: Vicky Valanos
Phone:    +306936968311
Web:      www.track7games/

Product description: Cinematic of upcoming adventure game
"Theseis" to debut at E3. The cinematic promises to transport you into
the era where great mysteries were revealed and the ultimate sacrifice
was made to prevent those mysteries from falling into the wrong hands.
Theseis the game is being developed for the PC platform and will later
be ported for the PS3, XBOX360 and PSP.

Company description: Track7games is a newly established
independent game development company based in Athens, Greece. We are a
small team of talented animators with a vision for a new generation of
games, which challenge the players' imagination, knowledge and
prowess. Our first big project "Theseis" will be ready in 2006.

Company: Transposia
Booth/Stand:        Kentia Hall 6500
Ticker Symbol & Exchange:     EUR
Media/Investor Relations Contact: Geert Van Boven
Phone:    +32.475.43.98.11

Product description: Join the police force and become a police
officer! Patrol the whole city, learn how to drive a police car or
motorbike, make sure you stick to the traffic regulations and get high
scores! Receive orders and fulfill 15 exciting missions. Get help from
the helicopter that circles above the city. Strategy, cold-bloodedness
and humour are the key requirements to bring this chasing & driving
game to a good end!

Company description: Transposia is a Belgian publisher of games on
cd-rom and console platforms. Transposia shows a police driving &
chasing PC game for kids/teens available for international
distribution. More at

Company: Tru Blu Entertainment Pty Ltd
Booth/Stand: West Hall 2240
Media Contact: David Robles
Investor Relations Contact:   Sebastian Giompaolo
Phone:    +61 2 9533 3055

Product description: Frankie Dettori Racing Tru Blu's Frankie
Dettori Racing (to be released as Melbourne Cup Challenge in
Australia/New Zealand) is a racing, betting and management simulation
that aims to take horseracing gaming to a whole new level. Through 4
different modes (Betting Party, Jockey Mode, Season Mode and
Simulation Mode), players can experience all elements of racing life,
playing as the jockey, trainer, punter, owner or spectator.

Company description: Tru Blu Entertainment is the publishing arm
of the long-established Australian distributor Home Entertainment
Suppliers Pty Ltd (HES). An official NRL and Victoria Racing Club
licensee, Tru Blu made their industry debut in 2003 with the
record-breaking NRL Rugby League game for PS2, XBOX and PC.

Company: Ultimate Game Chair, Inc.
Booth/Stand: Kentia Hall 7602
Ticker Symbol & Exchange:
Media/Investor Relations Contact: Jamie Duran
Phone:    925-427-0200

Product description: The Ultimate Game Chair is the premiere video
game chair on the market. It features 12 vibration motors that are
synchronized to the real game action. It has two 3D Stereo Sound
speakers that pick up the most subtle sounds in today's games.
Finally, the Ultimate Game Chair features split left & right side
controllers in a plush leather chair with matching ottoman for the
ultimate in game comfort.

Company description: Ultimate Game Chair, Inc. is a US
manufacturer of video game chairs and video game accessories. We are
based in Concord, California and have been in business for over 1
year. Our products are ready for distribution and we are in talks with
several major electronics, home theater and furniture distributors.

Company: Univenture. Inc.
Booth/Stand: Kentia 6702
Media Contact: Doris Emich, Antarra Communications
Phone:    203-663-1406

Product description: Univenture is showcasing many new media
packaging, storage and display solutions for audio, video and gaming
products containing multiple discs. Featured is the UniKeep Retail
Presentation Box incorporating Univenture's 5-CD Wallet. It's ideal
for displaying software, gaming, and DVD discs. The box's "paperback"
dimensions make it easy to carry. Come by the booth for a wide variety
of customizable, cost-effective, packaging and storage options.

Company description: Univenture Inc. manufactures innovative,
customized products for a wide range of optical and paper packaging
solutions. The company provides high-speed packaging, automated
packaging machinery and optical storage products. Univenture has sales
and manufacturing operations in Ohio, Nevada, and Ireland.

For an interview during E3Expo, call Doris Emich 203-663-1406 and
visit or call (937) 645.4640.

Company: Vishay RFWaves
Booth/Stand: 7020
Media Contact:
Phone:    +972-3-6344131

Product description: Vishay RFWaves has developed the VoicePad: a
Wireless, Voice-Enabled Game Controller for Microsoft Xbox Live! The
VoicePad is made up of a wireless game controller combined with a
headset and a matching dongle. The design is based on a patented
Vishay RFWaves 2.4-GHz short-range 3-Mbps transceiver chipset. The
reference design and accompanying technical materials are licensed
free of charge to developers in the Vishay RFWaves partners networks.

Company description: Vishay RFWaves has developed a short-range,
direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) radio transceiver chipset,
based on a patented, state-of-the-art architecture RF technology. This
technology is characterized by low cost and low power, addressing the
market's growing need for inexpensive, fast, and reliable short-range

Booth/Stand: KENTIA 6923
Media Contact: John Defeo, Eve Seber
Investor Relations Contact: Carlo Voelker
Phone: 212-431-4420

Product description:
e3 2005 Round-Up:
Garry Kasparov Teaches Chess Vol. 1 & Vol 2
Fritz 8 Deluxe & Fritz 9 - releasing later this year.
My Horse Farm
Learn to Play Chess with Fritz and Chesster
Learn to Play Chess with Fritz and Chesster 2
The Hula Hamsters
The Number Devil
Morton Subotnick's Making Music, Making More Music, Hearing Music, and
later this year, Playing Music Co-published with 10tacle -GTR FIA GT
Racing Game

Company description: Viva Media, LLC is a privately owned New York
company dedicated to publishing a wide array of interactive content of
the highest standards. The company's collection of more than 40
multimedia titles tout more than 35 awards for excellence in

Company: Xtreme Electronics (Shenzhen) Ltd
Booth/Stand: Kentia 6600

Product description:

-BLUSTER GUN: light gun with a recoil function like a real gun.

-RACING SHOCK: the gear shift can be placed on the left or on the
right side of the wheel.

-MULTIMEDIA SPEAKERS: can be connected to CD and mp3 players or
any other devices by the double input RCA. 2.1 or 5.1 channel.

-NINTENDO DS ACCESSORIES: carry bag, stylus pen, car adapter with
a retractable cable, stereo earphones and travel kit (8 in 1).

Company description: Xtreme designs, produces in China and trades
all over the world accessories for Pc and the most known consoles:
PSOne, PS2, PSX, GameBoy, GB Advance, Xbox, NDS and PSP. The features
of Xtreme products: great quality, innovative technologies and
competitive prices.

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COPYRIGHT 2005 Gale Group

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