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Pocket Pix Offers Video on GameBoy Advance

Pocket PC Films will distribute Pocketainment's Pocket Pix Cartridge, which allows videos to play on Nintendo's GameBoy Advanced and GameBoy Advance SP.

The new adaptor is designed to fit into the device's plug-in card slot, and operates as easily as swapping out video games. The unit's advanced compression software enables it to fit up to 75 minutes of video and audio onto a standard 64-Mbyte Secure Digital flash card, the company said.

The cartridge comes equipped with an SD multimedia slot for storage, a 3.5mm stereo headphone jack, stereo headphones, a free sample movie, a code to download another free film and a USB port to transfer content. In addition, the Pocket Pix Cartridge comes equipped with its own player, the Pocket Pix Player, which allows digital video and MP3 music to be played plus a codec to transcode other media formats.

While the device supports ful-bit 15-color video at up to 240x160 resolution, the frame rates top out at 15 frames per second.

Content, which includes such films as Natural Born Killers and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition 2002, is priced at between $9.99 and $19.99 and uploaded to the device through the USB port.

The $59.95 retail price includes the Pocket Pix Cartridge, syncing cable, an SD card, a CD-ROM with a sample film and a code to go to the Pocket Pix website to download another free film. The device will also be available minus the SD media card for $39.95. New films released each month for the Pocket Pix, PocketFilms said.

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