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Rebecca Armstrong


Format: PC, PS2, Xbox Publisher: Eidos Developer: Traveller's Tales Price: pounds 29.99

The epic vistas and pointless politics of the first three Star Wars films (that's Episodes I, II and III " not the proper ones) have been faithfully recreated with Lego in Lego Star Wars. Older fans may remember not needing a computer game to do this, having done it the old-fashioned way, but this game is targeted at newer, younger and games-savvy Star Wars fans. It's an attractive action- adventure game, which lets players have a go at being a droid, a Jedi or a big-haired princess. Every level has lots of puzzles, which can only be completed by using each character's specific skills or getting characters to work together. There are plenty of big fights as well, so there's plenty to entertain young gamers as well as the old guard. HHHH


Format: PC Publisher: Vivendi Developer: Irrational Games Price: pounds 29.99

Squad-based tactical action doesn't begin and end with Rainbow Six, as Swat 4 deftly demonstrates. The first Swat title in five years is an intelligent offering, requiring more thinking and less shooting than its console stable-mates, Rainbow Six or Counter- Strike. Like a real- life Swat team, you and your men have to infiltrate dangerous situations and defuse them without blowing up yourselves or any civilians. The 14 missions range in location from a casino to an ill-fated jewellery heist, and each has multiplayer options. None of the missions are linked, so you start each one fresh after a short briefing or 911 call, concentrating your mind on the action ahead. Realistic, thought- provoking and tough, Swat 4 is an excellent PC title. HHHH


Format: N-Gage Publisher: Nokia Developer: Raven Price: pounds 29.99

Spare a thought for Nokia, the original purveyor of multi- tasking hand-helds, now that Nintendo and Sony are cornering the market in these consoles. Still, Nokia keeps releasing great N-Gage titles. Released last autumn on the Xbox, PS2 and GameCube, X-Men Legends seduced fans with its backstory and adherence to character. Your task is to train a squad of X-men to take on the arch baddie Magento, " and it's easier said than done. Find other N-Gage owners and you can multiplay with the Bluetooth option, which can really bring the game to life. HHH


Format: DS, GameBoy Advance Publisher: THQ Developer: In-house Price: pounds 29.99

As a big fan of Bust-a-Move and Tetris, there was little chance that I wasn't going to like Puyo Pop Fever. It seems to be a simple stacking game but, like those two, it's horribly addictive. You line up the puyos (bubbles) in lines corresponding to colour to burst them. If you set off a chain of puyos, 'rogue' puyos will bounce on to your opponent's screen, taking you a step closer to victory. There is also a four-way multiplayer option and a Fever mode, where you can change from offensive to defensive at random. Bright and fun. HHHH


Format: PC, Mac ( or Publisher: World Food Program Developer: In-house Price: free

If blasting through battlefields or wreaking destruction on distant universes is starting to get a bit dull, here's a different kind of game. Free to download, Food Force has been created by the World Food Program to teach children about humanitarian aid. It may sound worthy, but with high- speed helicopter missions, emergency airdrops and violent rebels to contend with, it's anything but boring. There are six missions to undertake, and top scorers will be added on to an online list of winners. A thought-provoking game for younger gamers. HHH

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