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This month's issues of the top tween magazines provide a compelling look at the two worlds in which these kids are living. Teen topics like boy bands and body confidence mix with kid content like Disney Adventures' joke book and Nick's comics.

Reader Wrap-Up:

Summertime is bringing out the best in advertisers this year. Kellogg's is blitzing kids with ads for its flavor-blasted, packaged-for-snacking Snack 'Ums cereal: the product promises to "Goose your gray matter." Kellogg's also is pushing its Racing Apple Jacks, featuring a NASCAR driver and colorful "racing" design on the cereal, and an Eet and Ern promo that lets kids collect codes from inside cereal boxes and enter them online. Kids rack up points for cool merchandise with each code they enter.

Nintendo's Gameboy print campaign leverages Gameboy's portability - "With any luck, it'll rain the entire vacation," - and its color versions. One ad reads, "Get noticed at the beach," under a shot of a purple Gameboy in a yellow polka dot bikini.

Candies like Cowtails, Caramel Creams and Sweet Tarts are taking up lots of ad space, and Disney is pumping its new series "Stepsister from Planet Weird" in almost every pub. Kids Foot Locker and Reebok are advertising their exclusive partnership through ads for the Blacktop and the Sparkle Classic shoe styles. And McDonald's is making the most of the summer movie "Dinosaur" wth print promos for its "Dinosaur" game and prizes.

Magazine: Disney Adventures, Summer 2000 Overview: Summer hit hopeful Dinosaur" is featured on the cover and inside. The mag offers plot and character synopsis along with real "dino facts" on each page. The June and July calendars offer a look at all the hot events this summer, from Joshua Jackson's birthday to Britney Spears' concerts to the release date for the fourth Harry Potter book: a great look at the broad range of interests kids in this age group have. A special section offering the best jokes and riddles is guaranteed to be a hit with younger kids: "What sort of cat should you never play cards with? A cheetah." Ad Ops: Advertisers include Pokemon, McDonald's "Dinosaur" match-and-win giveaway, Sweet Tarts, Kellogg's Snack 'Ums, "Powerpuff Girls" videos, Oreo's stacking contest, "Backyard Baseball," Gatorade and Hersheys. Contact: Alec Lilburn, 212/633-4400.

Magazine: Girls' Life, June/July 2000 Overview: This month's editor's letter offers a personal perspective on dealing with parents divorcing. A feature includes advice from readers geared to other tweens on the ins and outs of split families. On a lighter note, articles cover real girls who are summer sports addicts: a champion surfer and a barefoot water skier. Letters from readers voice concerns on everything from "overprotective" dads who insist on bike helmets to being homesick at camp. A Q&A with Lindsay Lohan (star of "The Parent Trap") gives the issue star power. Ad Ops: Ads for Lisa Frank products, Kellogg's Racing Apple Jacks and Snack 'Ums, Reebok Sparkle Classics (available only at Kids Foot Locker), Disney's "Stepsister from the Planet Weird," the Girls' Life Guide to Growing Up book, and Gameboy's summer campaign appear in this issue. Contact: Jennifer Brown, 410/254-9200.

Magazine: Nickelodeon, June/July 2000 Overview: A Q&A with 'N Sync is featured on the cover. Another interview gives kids a look at what it's like to be one of the lucky winners of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire." The June calendar celebrates National Frozen Yogurt month with facts on yogurt, and a goofy play gives kids fodder for creating their own at- home "Antiques Road Show" (including appraisals of siblings' artwork and objects the dog has chewed). This month's GAS (Games and Sports) supplement tells reader what professional athletes think is hardest about sports. Everything from marathons to giving an interview gets a mention. Surfing and other beach sports are covered. For indoor gamers, the mag provides a look at cheat codes in video games. Ad Ops: Playstation, Gatorade, Kellogg's, Harry Potter Book IV, Reebok Sparkle Classics, Disney's "Stepsister," Cowtails and Caramel Creams advertise in this issue. In-house ads for Nicktoon Summer Splash, starting July 3 from 2 to 5 on weekdays, also appear. Summer Splash, hosted by Sponge Bob Squarepants, offers non-stop episodes of favorite shows, i.e. "Rugrats" mega Mondays. For more information on advertising, call: 212/846-7044.

Magazine: Sports Illustrated for Kids, June 2000 Overview: Letters from readers ask for more articles on motocross and biking and hockey players like Jaromir Jagr. A survey shows nearly 75% of kids support punishing baseball player John Rocker for his incendiary comments in Sports Illustrated. This month's Ask the Athlete talks to athletes about the sports stars they asked for autographs as kids. A second-grader who made 20 touchdowns in the 1999 season gets press, along with a 10-year-old swimmer who holds the record for the 10-and-under 100 yard freestyle. Kids voted on whether WNBA players should be paid as much as NBA players: 53% say yes, 47% say no. Comments range from NBA players are better," to analyses of ticket sales and ad revenue. Next month's issue: is pro-wrestling a real sport? In this issue, other pro athletes weigh in on the question along with wrestlers. Ad Ops: Advertisers include Sweet Tarts, Kellogg's Snack 'Ums and Racing Apple Jacks, Nintendo's summer campaign, Reebok Blacktops (available only at Kids Foot Locker), McDonald's "Dinosaur" match-and-win game, and milk. For more ad information, call: Noreen Rafferty, 212/522-1212.

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