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O'Reilly's titles are consistently practical references for a wide range of computer-savvy readers, from relative beginners all the way through advanced programmers. While their books are diverse in topic and approach, all come with the mark of being written by experienced pros to address hands-on problems and techniques, and all promise lasting reference value. Two fall within the 'Missing Manual' guides--i.e. guides which ideally would have been bundled with their programs to solve common glitches and customization questions. Barbara Brundage's Photoshop Elements 3: The Missing Manual (0596004533, $39.95) features time saving basics, customization tips, and details on digital art fine-tuning. It's easy to understand all the options the powerful Photoshop program offers when consulting a guide which contrasts different avenues for digital artistry. J.D. Biersdorfer's iPOD 7 iTUNES: The Missing Manual, 3rd Edition (0596008-775, $24.95) is edited by David Pogue and provides the latest insights into Apple's pocket wizard. The iPod can be used as a PalmPilot, as an eBook, as a Gameboy--even as a substitute hard drive. All the pros and cons of tweaking its powerful choices are fully explained here. Robbie Allen's Windows Server Cookbook For Windows Server 2003 And Windows 2000 (0596006330, $44.95) teaches advanced users the basics of operating a Windows server system, from common errors experienced from a service to deciphering diagnostic messages and implementing good security practices. Everything from remote administration to users and event logs are covered in a format which clearly defines problems, outlines solutions, and includes the technical code necessary to correct or improve. Deke McClelland and Galen Fott's Photoshop Elements 3 For Windows One-on-One (0596008449, $34.95) bundles a 2-hour 'total training' video hosted by author McClelland with a fine reality-based program which offers the next best thing to a personal trainer. Learn how to organize and categorize photos, how to make corrections and edt, and how to solve common color problems using Quick Fix. Want more? Use Photoshop Elements 3 For Windows One-on-One as a classroom text, too: each lesson ends with a test quiz. Angela Orebaugh, Simon Biles & Jacob Babbin's Snort Cookbook (0596007914, $39.95) covers the open source intrusion detection tool, which is capable of some pretty powerful applications including real-time analysis and packet logging on IP networks. If this sounds like Greek to you, it's because Snort Cookbook is the item of choice for network managers concerned with security measures and countermeasures. Or, choose Nitesh Dhanjani & Justin Clarke's Network Security Tools (0596007949, $34.95), a primer on common customizations and extensions for ordinary security tools. The latest open source tools are covered, from Nikto and Nesus to Metasploit. Write your own network 'sniffer' and analyze code for web applications using the advanced protocols and advice of Network Security Tools. IMovie HD & iDVD 5 by David Pogue (0596100337, $29.95) is another excellent 'Missing Manual' guide which provides insights, new techniques, and the 'missing instruction manual' to the two popular Apple programs. Filmmakers will find this manual essential to understanding film techniques, editing basics, and digital manipulation using these programs. Order the programs, then get the book: they go hand-in-hand and one shouldn't be without the other. Two new 'developer's notebook' guides are important references for programmers and developers at all levels. Jesse Liberty's Visual C#: A Developer's Notebook (9586007-99X, $29.95) covers the basics of advanced C# programming for experienced C# programmers who want to know what's different about this latest release. From new language features and enhancements to features which use Windows to enhance and reduce code necessity, Visual C# 2005 Developer's Notebook is packed with advanced details. Time-saving tips for software developers and Visual Basic users also reside in Matthew MacDonald's Visual Basic 2005: A Deveopefr's Notebook (0596007264, $29.95): productivity is the emphasis here, with tips on restoring the missing features such as compile-and-run which were active in the previous version of Visual Basic. Learn new language features, deploy smart client networks, and use new forms controls in a workbook packed with examples. There's been a lot of news about the benefits of the Firefox browser, and Scott Granneman's Don't Click On The Blue E! (0596009399, $19.95) explores the new features of Firefox, which eliminates many of the vulnerabilities Explorer holds. Surf faster, safely, and customize Firefox's look while controlling the pop-up ads and other problems, using Don't Click On The Blue E! as you guide. Perfect for Explorer veterans who have been considering switching rather than fighting Explorer. Bruce and Marty Fries' Digital Aduio Essentials (0596008-562, $34.95) shows how to legally download and share music, how to hook a PC or Mac to a home stereo, how to record music to hard drive: virtually every facet of the latest technology being used to capture and edit music. Newcomers in particular will appreciate clear explanations of digital audio features, tutorials which are easy to follow, and both hardware and software recommendations.

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