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Datel Announces GameCube MAX Drive

David Smith

Though it's had a similar device available for the PS2 for some time, peripheral manufacturer Datel today announced a new version of its MAX Drive data transfer system for the GameCube. The system lets players upload and download game saves and other data from a PC to the GameCube memory card, backing up saves and downloading cheat codes (among other useful odds and ends).

The device consists of a 64-megabit (eight megabyte) GameCube memory card with a USB interface that plugs into any USB-equipped PC. Datel's Memory Manager program transfers save data from the card to the computer and vice versa -- players can upload their own saves to the Internet or download other saves and use them in their own games.

Datel plans to simultaneously release a MAX Drive Pro version of the device. For an extra $10 (the basic MAX Drive costs $29.99, the Pro version $39.99), amateur programmers get the ability to transfer home-brewed code to a memory card and run it on the GameCube.

The basic version of the MAX Drive will be available at storefront retail, while the Pro version will only be sold via Datel's website. Both will be available at the end of June.

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