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Matt Leone

Welcome to 1UP GameCube My introductory letter to try to convince you to stick with this site

Here we go. We've been working on this site for months now and we're finally launching, which feels good since you guys can now read this, but it's also time to really push forward with the content, so my resting period is short. Anyway, here's my quick sales pitch.

The big bonus of this site is we have all the content from magazines like EGM, GMR and GameNOW to back us up so we can spend more time on the stuff you don't typically see online. We can do more unique features and provide different takes on the news, but of course we'll still have reviews and previews like you've come to expect. Except better.

If you see an obscure game that other sites aren't covering to the extent you'd like, let us know. I can guarantee that we'll give you as much good coverage as we possibly can on games like Killer 7 and 4 Swords, but we'll also do our best to keep you updated on the games that are under the radar.

Anyway, I'm in charge of the GameCube and Cheats sections here, so feel free to write me and let me know what you think of the site and what you want to see.

Just you wait; I'm getting ready to love me some Cube.


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