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Nintendo demonstrates that innovative design still rules. Both Paper Mario and Pikmin 2 are among the most creative and thoroughly engaging designs of the season. On the other hand, the bongo-driven Donkey Konga falls out of the Top 5 within a month of its initial release. The most notable addition to the list is THQ's Tak 2. While dismissed by reviewers, the original Tak sold more than 1 million copies and seemed to grab the kid audience firmly. Tak is a joint effort with THQ licensing partner Nickelodeon, and it is the first instance of a property that was deliberately introduced as a game before being developed into a cartoon TV show. It is a good example of a property making a hit with a niche (sizable niche) audience but slipping under industry radar.

1. Paper Mario (Nintendo)

2. X-Men Legends (Activision)

3. Pikmin 2 (Nintendo)

4. Tony Hawk Underground 2 (Activision)

5. Tak 2 (THQ)

Source: TerraNova Institutional estimates

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