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Matt Leone

GameCube Mail Metroid Prime 2, an idea for the Triforce arcade hardware, Legend of Zelda: Four Swords+ single-player adventures, and more.

Metroid Prime 2 I was wondering if you know anything about the Metroid Prime 2 preview thats going to be in the next EGM issue? Any new screenshots or info going to be revealed?

-- Mathu

The coverage is very real -- not a typo as some readers suspected. While the EGM guys don't want to give away anything yet, rest assured that there will be news on the game in the June issue. Naturally, this leads us to believe that the current rumors going around that the game will be at E3 are true, but we have no official word on that.


The Triforce Your Triforce arcade article was good. I think they should make Pac-Man vs. an arcade game. It would work the same as the GCN game, but with one difference. The arcade version would be four-player online. It would connect four people over the internet. There would be no need for a GBA because the other players would be somewhere else so they could not see your screen. This would draw people because you need four friends, a GCN, three controllers, a GCN/GBA link cable, and a GBA to play with four players at home.

-- Jared Thorbahn

Good idea -- there was a virtual reality Pac-Man game (from Virtuality, the company that produced Dactyl Nightmare) similar to this with a competitive angle years ago, but it was poorly made and only available in very limited quantities. And it wasn't online.

Your idea isn't out of the realm of possibility considering how close Namco and Nintendo have been recently (Pac-Man vs., Donkey Konga, Star Fox 2), but I wonder if it would work without implementing a one-player mode into the arcade version as well. Arcade operators wouldn't be likely to buy a game if it could only be used when four players were ready and waiting.

An alternate version of the idea would be to simply put an online option into the GameCube version of the game, but that is not something Nintendo looks like it will do anytime soon.


New GameCube Version Should I wait to buy the updated version of the GameCube without digital A/V? Will it be cheaper?

-- Casey Apel

It should be slightly cheaper for Nintendo to manufacture, but that doesn't mean it will cost less in stores. With GameCube already $80 cheaper than Xbox and PS2, it doesn't seem like an extra $10 cut would help sales.

Either way, for me the loss of component video output outweighs a potential small cost benefit. But then again, I'm not the current GameCube buyer; I'm the guy who bought his system years ago. Someone buying a GameCube at this point probably isn't the most hardcore gamer concerned with super-nice video quality, so it shouldn't affect too many people. But if you've been waiting to get one and care about high quality video, now's the time to hit the stores.


Single-Player Four Swords+ Hey Matt, I got a question about the game. Can you play the game with only one player, for when your friends aren't around?

-- Julie Sheppard

You can easily play the game as a solo player if you want (you walk around with the other three Links behind you and can move them around with the c-stick, pick them up and throw them, etc.), though it may not be as much fun. I don't just mean that in the sense that you won't get to play with other people, either. See, many of the puzzles in the game correspond to the color of the Link you are using, so for you to manually move around the other three in these situations, it's less fun and it takes longer.

Still, if you are deciding between playing it as a solo player and playing at all, I still recommend it as a single-player game. And the more I talk about it, the more I want to be done with today's updates so I can continue the quest, so the mailbag ends here.

-Matt Email Contact Have a further comment on somethind discussed here or something you want to say about the GameCube in general? Let me know and I'll try to include it in a future mail update.

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