Legend Of Zelda Gamecube

The Legend of Zelda

Bryan Intihar

Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: Nintendo

Release Date: Fall 2005

OK, we get it—you really want to play the new Legend of Zelda. Ever since this much talked about (but rarely seen) GameCube adventure burst onto the scene last May, only a certain Master Chief and his second Halo have knocked it out of the top slot in our Hot Ten list. And that only happened on one occasion.

But it comes as no surprise why more than 60 percent of you chose it again this month as your most anticipated title. Nintendo is ditching Wind Waker’s Saturday-morning-cartoon-style visuals in favor of a more mature and realistic look. Link is no longer a young and wide-eyed hero; he’s now 16 years old and riding his trusty steed to this journey sportin’ a bit of an attitude (but didn’t we all at this age?).

Trouble is, outside of a few choice words from Zelda’s developers in the past and what we can speculate from looking at these new screenshots (read our thoughts on the next page), so much about this game remains a mystery. Will Link’s lady friend Zelda play a significant role in this adventure? Any chance we’ll draw blood during combat? Will Link finally speak? Hopefully, we can soon answer these questions and several more, as next issue we’re traveling to Nintendo’s home base in Japan for an exclusive look at the biggest title of the year.

Who’s the Boss?

If you were to ask most Zelda fanboys, they would probably say that the franchise’s current No. 1 villain, Ganondorf, would be the logical choice for Link’s main adversary in this upcoming game. But Nintendo isn’t afraid to change up the bad guys, as it did just that in Majora’s Mask (N64) and, more recently, The Minish Cap (GBA).

The Dungeons

From the looks of it, the camera seems to shift to a higher, more angular viewpoint (like in the SNES Zelda) while you explore these puzzle-filled constructions.

The Enemies

A new assortment of ghastly creatures surely awaits, but you can also expect the return of familiar faces, like these newly armored stalfos warriors.

The Weapons

It appears this over-the-hill monkey ain’t giving up Link’s boomerang. Wonder if our pointy-eared friend will wield any new weapons during his adventure....

The Bizarre

Remember Link’s fruity friend Tingle? A peculiar ally isn’t anything new for this franchise, and we sure hope this Sasquatch-lookin’ fella is on our side.

The Environments

The majority of Zelda images have shown Link either in the forest or riding his thoroughbred across open fields. What other outdoor locales will the elf visit?

The Combat

For the first time ever, Link can slice-n-dice foes while riding his horse. On-foot fighting should feel similar to WW’s, but with a much higher body count.

Copyright © 2005 Ziff Davis Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. Originally appearing in Electronic Gaming Monthly.

Legend Of Zelda Gamecube
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