Resident Evil 2 Gamecube

10) Resident Evil 2&3 (GameCube)


Two of PlayStation’s zombie-fueled descents into sit-and-spin terror arrive in carbon copy form on GameCube.


After experiencing the eye-bustingly beautiful goodness of the Resident Evil remake and the all-new Zero prequel, it’s always fun to kick into nostalgia mode.


Each of these bit-for-bit copies of the PlayStation hits will set you back 40 bones. PlayStation versions can be found almost anywhere for under $10. Twenty bucks a pop would have been a lot more reasonable.


If you’re a Capcom fan, you gotta get these. GameCube is the only system on the market that’s committed to hosting every Resident Evil game in the series (except, of course, for the awful Survivor games). And even without enhancements, these games are awesome.

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Resident Evil 2 Gamecube
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