Club Nintendo

Club Nintendo Bonuses Revealed

David Smith

Nintendo today updated its Japanese page promoting the upcoming Club Nintendo retail promotion program, with many entertaining images of the different widgets that dedicated consumers can acquire by purchasing Nintendo stuff. While it's only on offer in Japan as yet, Nintendo has discussed plans to bring the Club Nintendo program to the United States in the future.

For now, however, it's only Japanese players who can get their hands on the most interesting odds and ends (although a similar program has been up and running in Europe for some time). Club Nintendo rewards purchasers of Nintendo products with points that can be redeemed for gifts, which are now up for display at the Japanese Club Nintendo page.

We confess to a considerable fondness for the lime-green Game Boy Advance SP displayed above, but you may find your favorite from among all the bonuses displayed. NES fans may be particularly enthused by one of the limited-edition packages displayed -- a Famicom-styled GBA SP packed with a special GBA version of the original Super Mario Bros.

To reckon the "cost" of each item, note that a new Nintendo game nets the buyer 20 or 30 points (usually 20 for a GBA game, 30 for a GameCube game). Buying a game on or near the sale date nets the buyer bonus points that can as much as double that game's point value, but even so, snagging that SP would require purchasing at least 10 GameCube games.

We don't doubt that some obsessive fans are presently doing just that, however. We'll keep you posted on more weird Nintendo merchandising news as it arises.

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