Nintendo Evolution

Turok: Evolution (Shane)

Turok's comeback bid shines brightest on the Xbox, but it's still nothing special. It suffers from the same design weaknesses as its PS2 counterpart, including a laughable plot, poor level design, wimpy sound effects and fluctuating difficulty. While the game offers cool weapons and environments, the overall package is lackluster. Visually, Turok can't compete with the likes of Halo, although it's smoother and sharper than its PS2 cousin. Even so, graphical issues still rear their ugly heads here. Problems like the bizarre level-of-detail system (where trees and shrubs magically fade into existence as you move around) and god-awful character models that would look more at home on the old Nintendo 64 often make this game painful to behold. The single-player game drags on through 15 hit-or-miss levels, including four flying stages (which control better on Xbox than on PS2). And unlike the PS2 version, the multiplayer mode here is faster, plays better and supports four-player splitscreen. Sadly, Turok: Evolution is no better than average.

Copyright © 2004 Ziff Davis Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. Originally appearing in Electronic Gaming Monthly.

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