Nintendo Japan

Nintendo DS: Only in Japan?

The Japanese DS has its own launch date (December 3) and game lineup, including a few interesting titles that haven’t been announced for the States. All these titles will be out by the end of the year across the Pacific, and we expect (as with every Nintendo portable so far) they will play on American systems.

GANBARE GOEMON: Konami’s lighthearted action-adventure series (generally known Stateside as Legend of the Mystical Ninja) has a fresh new art style for its DS debut.

ANOTHER: This graphical adventure game seems like a weird departure for Nintendo; you explore various mysteries by solving puzzles using the DS’ touch screen and microphone.

METEOS: You laugh at the PC shareware look of Bandai’s multiplayer puzzle game, but did you know that it hails from the guys behind Rez (PS2) and Smash Bros. (GC)? Thought that’d shut you up.

INTERN TENDOU DOKUTA: One of two surgical games being developed for the DS (God bless Japan!), Dokuta challenges you, as the titular hero, to diagnose patients after giving uh, physical exams.

Copyright © 2004 Ziff Davis Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. Originally appearing in Electronic Gaming Monthly.

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