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Nintendo Opens Customer Reward Program

David Smith

Offering its own twist on the Club Nintendo frequent-buyer programs up and running overseas, Nintendo of America today announced its own Customer Loyalty Program, outlining a selection of benefits gamers can snag by buying Nintendo stuff and interacting with the My Nintendo website. Through the holidays and beyond, gamers can register their Nintendo game collections online and net various benefits as a consequence.

The newly-updated My Nintendo website lets players sign up as members and register their collections online. Registering at least one game entitles a member to "NSider" status, opening up hidden game information, codes, and other content. Frequent participation can net a promotion to "Sage," which entails potential involvement in forum moderation and exclusive game previews.

Those seeking free merchandise along the lines of what Nintendo is offering in Japan, through its Club Nintendo program, will apparently be thwarted for now. However, NOA plans to expand the My Nintendo program in the future, so we'll see how it develops as more customer feedback flows in.

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