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Videogame Makers Getting North American Broadband Plans in Motion - Microsoft, Nintendo prepare for broadband-enabled online gaming - Brief Article

Both Microsoft [MSFT] and Nintendo have taken steps toward the upcoming rollout of their broadband-enabled online gaming offerings. Nintendo released the North American broadband adapter for its Gamecube console, following on the heels of a successful Japanese launch. The $34.95 device will allow Gamecube owners to play online over broadband connections. There is also a dial-up modem adapter for users without broadband.

Similarly, Microsoft announced 13 U.S. and Canadian broadband providers who are participating in its "Xbox Compatible" program. The program identifies broadband services as usable with Microsoft's "Xbox Live" online gaming system, scheduled for launch Nov. 15. All of the big three console producers are jockeying for position with online services for the holiday season. Sony [SNE] previously released the network adapter for its PlayStation 2 console in the U.S., although in conservative numbers as it cautiously rolls out its own online offering.

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