Family Feud Pc Game

Top Five Games for Your Carrier


GUNDAM SPACE ASSAULT This space shooter based on the anime series lets you fight off hordes of alien ships using your gundam suit and, occasionally, a cool helper drone.

KI-TAI The best side-scrolling fighter on mobiles right now, Ki-Tai takes you through four levels of ninja-fighting ak-shun. Breakable objects and defeated enemies you have to fight again in Hell set this game apart.

JAMDAT BOWLING This influential, addictive bowl-a-rama is an acknowledged mobile classic. Its simple, entertaining, meter-based gameplay never seems to get old.

TOP GUN Take on the role of Maverick or Iceman in this airborne shooter based on the 1986 film. You must defeat hordes of enemy fighters using a combination of machine guns and missiles.

SEGA MONKEY BALL Do you dream of shoving primates into little plastic globes and pushing them around obstacle courses? Sega Monkey Ball offers a healthy outlet for these impulses.


FIGHT HARD 3D In this cool action RPG, you must dispatch numerous opponents in a 3D fighting arena.

EVERQUEST: HERO’S CALL The successful MMORPG franchise comes to mobile in non-multiplayer form. The result is a solid single-player experience (see our review in this issue).

TOM CLANCY’S RAINBOW SIX: BROKEN WING A challenging strategic shooter based on Red Storm’s popular franchise, Rainbow Six tests your wits as well as your trigger finger.

SNOWBALL FIGHT Recapture the childhood pastime of hurling snowy projectiles at unsuspecting passersby.

FAMILY FEUD Compete against players the world over in this mobile version of the TV game show classic.


TETRIS Mobile Tetris brings one great new feature to the series: Each falling piece casts a shadow showing where the piece would fall if you click the drop key…right…now.

TONY HAWK’S PRO SKATER 4 A huge hit on consoles and PCs alike, Tony Hawk is now doing his tricks on mobile. The action takes place in different half-pipe environments, including one on the deck of a cruise ship. If you own the console version, you’ll find some useful cheats here, too.

BEJEWELED You know this classic puzzle game: You swap gems until you make ’em disappear. The mobile port is more addictive than the PC version because it’s always with you. You can’t escape.

SNOOD In this PC shareware favorite, you launch a series of faces at the top of the screen and try to make them disappear. Clear the pieces at the top to unleash a rain of Snoods.

B-MAN A thinly veiled Bomberman clone, B-Man has you blasting your way through enemies and obstacles alike using bombs that detonate after a few seconds.


NHL POWERSHOT HOCKEY (NEXTEL) This two-on-two hockey game re-creates the excitement of our favorite game on ice, complete with an NHL license.

SIBERIAN STRIKE (NEXTEL) The first mobile shooter with cut-scenes, it’s also got a sense of humor—as you’d expect from a game that sends you to destroy the evil Stalinbot’s hallucinogenic vodka factory.

NAVAL FLEET (BUILT INTO THE SONY ERICSSON T68I HANDSET) If you’ve got a buddy with the same phone, this Bluetooth version of Battleship gives you a peek into the upcoming multiplayer mobile world.

BOULDER DASH-M.E. (MOPHUN) Take on the role of Rockford in this classic puzzler in which you dig your way through a series of caves, avoiding obstacles and seeking power-ups all the while. One even lets you rotate the stage, setting off a landslide of rocks and diamonds.

XFINITY (MOPHUN) A fast-paced side-scrolling shooter with a cool weapon-upgrade system, Xfinity is as challenging as it is rewarding.

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Family Feud Pc Game
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