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Ivan Sulic

Starship Troopers Part two of our extensive, exclusive Starship Troopers interview is finally here. More bug-tastic coverage inside.

Under the wing of Empire Interactive, the UK development house Strangelite is busy creating an all new, technologically advanced Starship Troopers title for "PC and all current and next generation consoles." The main selling point is an engine that renders hundreds upon hundreds of enemies on-screen and at the same time.

We already kicked off the trooping love a few months ago with an exclusive first interview, now we're offering you part two. See, we thought ahead and asked a whole bunch of questions. For your enjoyment, we'll be breaking them up into sections. For now, please enjoy this second installment of our ongoing features. When you're finished, go back and check out the first interview, in case you haven't already.

1UP: Does the game actually follow the film, or is it just the universe as interpreted by Verhoeven, only told from a different angle?

Strangelite: If you take time to look at the film from the viewpoint of "making a game of it", there wouldn't be much classic FPS action. There are about three action sequences that could be turned into levels of a game. There isn't enough to base an entire game on. So we've introduced a new plot, new creatures and new missions for the player.

The most famous film scene is the defense of Whiskey Outpost. That's in our game, of course (or, at least, something very similar). Let's face it: it wouldn't be Starship troopers without something like that.

1UP: Has Verhoeven made any input regarding ongoing development? Has his opinion been sought?

In the dark they come. Strangelite: We haven't spoken to Paul Verhoeven, although we discussed our ideas on the evolution of the first film's warrior class with Ed Neumeier, who was very enthusiastic about where we wanted to go with them.

1UP: To the mainstream sci-fi fan, Starship Troopers is all about two things: graphic violence and massive, massive battles. Is this what the game is about?

Strangelite: Absolutely! Of course, we'll try and get some of the humour of the film into the game, but we don't expect our story to be analyzed to the extent of Robert Heinlein's book or Ed Neumeier's screenplay. This is a first-person shooter, first and foremost.

1UP: To the more avid sci-fi fan, Starship Troopers is all about a parallel of wartime propaganda and watching Zander die horribly. Will they also be pleased? What about the poser who claims to have an intimate understanding of Heinlein?

Fight the horde. Strangelite: In between missions we will probably include some propaganda -- we're trying to capture the whole military "feel" of the film. I'm sure "would you like to know more?" will show up from time to time. And yes, we have some truly horrible deaths planned. Would you like to know more?

1UP: How do you cater to the ignorant diehard fans of the world? For instance, here's a taste of one fan's rant, courtesy of "man-with-the-plan" from the IMDB bulletin board. What do you do about him? Fire or acid? "do you really believe that the coincidence of the bug's meteor hitting the same place on earth as the dinosaur meteor once did is a evidence that the buenos aires meteor that was shown in the film was a natural accidence? the script cleary presents what the bugs where supposed to seem like, ther ARE intelligent, with tha brainbugs absorbing all knowledge available. And their highly developed stategic knowledge is not just propaganda used to depict them worse than they actually are, but you really see how their stategy works, how they attack in groups, have aracnoids defending the brainbug and others digging holes to enter those forts. also if they were so stupid like you believe them to be (cuz obviously your thought is "they are only bugs, they cant be intelligent", and thats also what the people in the film thought - and were wrong about) they wouldnt know the humans were coming from outta space and thus wouldnt attack them with those plasma throwers. Instead, you get to know they really can think and have a highly developed community based on telepathic information exchange and stetegic superiority."

Strangelite: He has a point. The die-hard fans are always going to be unhappy. That's why they are die-hard. We're aiming to please as many fans as possible. The problem of ranting is that it's a bit counterproductive. We'd prefer to direct our attentions to making the game as good as it can be.

1UP: Will any voice talent from the movie be there? If that kid who also played Tarzan reprises his role and Denise Richards contaminates my computer, I'm totally going to flip out. However, if Doogie is in full form... Well, let's just say, hell yes.

Strangelite: No decisions have been made on voice talent, as yet.

Still sounds good, no? We think so too. Please, check back in a bit to catch more Starship Troopers info. We asked many questions and Strangelite was very candid with us, so for more breaking details, come back from time to time. Also, don't forget to read the first part of our interview. You can do that by clicking here. Did You Know? In addition to there having been a short-lived CG television show, Roughnecks, there is also a live action sequel to Starship Troopers in development. It's called Hero of the Federation and is expected to be a "straight to video" release.

Copyright © 2004 Ziff Davis Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. Originally appearing in 1UP.

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