Final Fantasy Tactics Playstation

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

By Bob McTague

After a long wait, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance has arrived. Don't let the graphics fool you. Square Enix's first GBA game is tough—but that's where we come in. Our guide will take you from the game's opening snowball fight all the way to the intense final battle. Each of the 24 storyline quests is laid out in detail, and along the way, we'll provide some tips that should make your trek through this lengthy adventure quite a bit easier.

RACES Human, Bangaa, Moogles, Viera and Nu Mou

QUESTS & LAWS Battle and Territory Quests plus Red Cards...

WALKTHROUGH From the PreQuest all the way to the end

JOBS & ABILITIES From Alchemist to White Monk...



Human The main character Marche is a Human. As the most balanced race, Humans are suited for an array of different professions. While races are mostly limited to a specific group of jobs, Humans dabble in a little bit of everything. The Human professions are Soldier, Paladin, Fighter, Thief, Ninja, White Mage, Black Mage, Magician, Blue Mage, Archer, and Hunter.

Bangaa These are the Lizard Men. They're the first race you'll, ahem, bump into in new Ivalice. Bangaas are the strongest race, and in fact, each of their professions is unique to their race. Bangaas can be Warriors, Dragoons, Guardian Knights, Gladiators, White Monks, Bishops and Temple Knights.

Moogles If you've played a Final Fantasy game in the past, you've probably run across these little guys. Your companion Montblanc is the first Moogle you'll meet in new Ivalice. Moogles have a new look in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, so you may not even realize that he is one until he lets out a trademark "kupo." The Moogle jobs are Thief, Black Mage, Time Mage, Animal Trainer, Moogle Knight, Gunner, Juggler, Mechanic.

Viera This all-female race (I'm not even going to ask how that's possible) has mainly professions based around magic and long-distance attacks. Their jobs include White Mage, Archer, Fencer, Shaman, Red Mage, Summoner, Assassin and Sniper.

Nu Mou No, it's not Eeyore. This strangely named race may resemble Pooh's pal, but trust me when I say the Nu Mou pack a much harder punch. While not great at attacking with weapons, the Nu Mou are THE magic race in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. Their jobs are White Mage, Black Mage, Magician, Time Mage, Alchemist, Monster Tamer, Shape Shifter and Sage.

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Quests The very flow of the game is based around Quests. There are four different types that you'll encounter, as denoted by different icons—Battle Quests (Sword), Non-Battle Quests (Scroll), Territory Quests (Flag) and Clan Quests (Clan Insignia). Battle Quests are pretty self explanatory, you fight and win a battle—you finish the quest. Completing the larger battle quests is also the only way to keep the storyline moving along. Non-Battle Quests have you sending a unit off on a mission that can either last a set amount of days or a certain number of battles. When selecting a unit, its animation will tell you how likely it is to succeed. A jumping animation means the unit will complete the quest with no problem, while a walking animation means it will only have a 50/50 chance of success. A unit who's sitting and hunched over will not come back triumphant, so don't even bother. Territory Quests involve you sending a unit out, as with the Non-Battle Quests. However, the unit usually won't return until a certain number of enemy units are defeated in battle. The same rules apply, as with the Non-Battle Quests. For the most part, only send units who perform the jumping animation. The exception is if you have units who won't have a place in the next few battles and they're at least giving you the walking animation. Then, if you have the gil to spare, you might as well send them out… who knows, you might get lucky. Finally, the Clan Quests put you up against a rival clan (as shown by a blue enemy character on the map). These are very often just like normal Battle Quests, however you'll be fighting against an enemy clan. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance has more than 300 different quests, but only around 25 will further the main storyline. The side-quests are very important, though, as they allow you to level your characters and learn new abilities usually necessary for success in the storyline quests.

Laws During your first battle in the new Ivalice, you'll encounter your first Judge. Don't worry, he's not an enemy (though later on you might consider him one, depending upon what laws he's enforcing). Every battle, there will be at least one Law you'll have to adhere to. These laws range from bans on healing to bans on certain abilities to protection for all animals. Checking the active laws is the most important thing you can do. There's nothing worse than having Marche get a Red Card on the last attack of a battle because he did more than 50 damage and having the Game Over screen pop up.

Just as in soccer, there are Yellow and Red Cards. Yellow Cards act as an in-battle warning while Red Cards will get you kicked out of battle and sent directly to jail. A single offense will net you a Yellow Card, but break a law twice or kill someone while breaking a law and expect a Red. A Yellow Card may not remove you from battle, but it still has ill effects. Depending on the offense, your stats will drop, you won't receive a reward for the quest, etc. However, cards can be removed with a simple stop by the prison. Don't expect to get it removed without cost, though…

About a quarter of the way through the game, you'll meet Ezel, a Nu Mou who's managed to figure out a way past the Laws of Ivalice. By helping him out of a bind, he'll teach you how to use Law cards and give you access to his card shop. When used during battle, these cards can cancel laws set by the Judge or even allow you to invoke your own laws.

Note: Anyone who's played Final Fantasy Tactics for the PlayStation is familiar with the fact that characters can die permanently if they're knocked out of commission for long enough. Well thankfully, this feature has been almost completely removed from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. There's now only one area of the game where characters can die permanently, and this time there's no longer a counter counting down to their demise. As long as you raise your units before the end of the battle, you're all set. If you have to, keep the final enemy alive until all of your units are back on their feet, and then finish him off.

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Prequest The game opens up on a snowball fight outside of school. Most of the kids are picking on a young boy named Mewt, while a girl with red hair named Ritz defends him. At this point you'll get a chance to name your main character. For the rest of the walkthrough, we'll refer to him as the default name—Marche. Once teams are decided, the snowball fight begins. This isn't so much a battle as it is a way to get you familiar with the game's mechanics. You'll only be able to throw snowballs, and your attacks won't take off more than 1 HP, so don't look for anything too exciting here. The battle ends after Ritz's second turn.

From here, Mewt will thank you for defending him and ask if you'd like to go with him to pick up a book later. Even though Marche can't make it, everyone decides to get together later tonight to take a look at it.

In what's become a staple of the Final Fantasy series, you'll now meet a character named Cid; Mewt's father. You'll learn that Cid's become a drunk ever since the death of Mewt's mother. From here, the group will break up and Marche will head home to visit with his brother Doned, who's been very sick since birth. Ritz and Mewt soon show up with a very special book and the real game begins…

When everything is settled, Marche finds himself in a world filled with characters he had been reading about in the book the night before. Before long, he runs headfirst into a Lizard Man or Bangaa, triggering your first battle in new Ivalice.

This is as good a time as any to explain the differences between where you attack your enemy from. If you're performing an attack, it's always best that you attack from behind or from the side. Attacking from the front will only give your attack about a 50% chance of connecting, and when the battle is close, the last thing you want to see is the word "Miss." Attacks from the back will usually connect upwards of 90% of the time. If you can't quite position yourself from behind, hit the enemy from the side for about a 75% chance of damage.

This first battle won't be much trouble at all, as your new Moogle friend Montblanc will use his magic to make short work of the two Lizards. Though you don't control him in this battle, you will in just about every battle afterwards. Once the battle is over, one of the Bangaas will revive himself, only to be given a Red Card from the Judge and sent off to prison. If there's one thing you should take away from this first battle it's "Don't end up like that Bangaa."

Quest 1 Once you purchase your first quest from the pub, you're on your way. The first real battle of the game has you collecting herbs when you're ambushed by a Sprite, a Red Cap and three Goblins. None of the enemies are especially difficult, so just be sure to concentrate one enemy at a time. Montblanc will start as a Black Mage, so he'll be equipped with the first three basic spells. These will prove to be more than enough to disperse the enemies, especially if you can catch more than one at a time with an attack spell. Use the archer to attack from a distance and the White Mage to keep any damaged units healed. If you have to, you can have any allies equipped with "Item" as their secondary ability to heal units, as well. Tip: For many spells, you don't have to target an enemy directly. A lot of times, you can target a nearby square, and as long as part of it will hit the enemy, the spell will commence. Use this to make the most effective use of your magic to be sure your attack spells don't hit allies. Don't forget that this can also be used with other types of Magic, such as White. Target the square in between two allies to heal the both of them.

Once you've defeated all of the enemies, you'll receive your reward and will be able to choose from a new set of quests. The first quest listed will usually be the storyline quest, so select that to move on. Now would be a good time to check out some side quests, though. These side quests, while not advancing the main storyline any, give you some gil, extra experience and ability points, and sometimes some side stories. For the sake of this guide's length, we'll stick with just explaining the storyline quests. However, if you find yourself having real trouble with a quest, check out some side quests to improve your characters.

Quest 2 The second storyline quest has you looking for a dissertation that's been stolen by bandits. In this quest, instead of fighting monsters, you'll be fighting enemies with professions the same as yours. The thieves and soldiers shouldn't be much of a problem here, as the same divide and surround technique will work just as it did in the first battle. Your rivals do come equipped with a White Mage, so take him out before he can heal anyone. Concentrate on one unit at a time and you should be done with this one in no time.

Once you complete the quest by defeating all of your enemies, go to any town to start the next scenario. Purchase the next storyline quest from the pub and off you go… Side Note: By now you're probably wondering what the JP are for that you receive after defeating each enemy. While JP stood for Job Points in the first Final Fantasy Tactics, this time around JP stands for Judge Points. JP are used to perform Combo attacks and later on, Divine Beast summons. However, beware of getting Yellow and Red Cards, as they'll reset your JP back down to 0.

Quest 3 In the next battle you'll be reunited with your old friend Ritz from the original Ivalice. So it looks like not only Marche has been left unchanged in this new world... Both you and Ritz have tracked down the crooks to this area, and in fact, Ritz has company. Once the battle commences, Ritz and her friend Shara will join you in your 'Engage' with the enemy. Thanks to Ritz and Shara, this battle is a piece of cake. The enemies consist of a Black Mage, a White Monk, a Thief, an Archer and a Fighter. This is the first time you're up against a more advanced profession in the Fighter, but it doesn't matter a whole lot. The only real key to this battle is keeping Ritz and, more importantly, Shara healed, so be sure to bring a White Mage along. Some of Shara's attacks will even cause status ailments on the enemies, making them sitting ducks for your stronger units.

After the battle you'll be introduced to Shara and learn that Ritz doesn't mind this new world at all. And you thought she was going to join your side, didn't you?

Quest 4 The next quest has you killing off a bunch of defenseless monsters… wait, these guys are far from defenseless. In fact, these are the strongest enemies you've fought yet. First off, normal attacks won't have much effect on the Yellow Jelly. Have your Black Mage cast anything but Thunder magic on him, as that'll just heal him. As for the rest, the most effective strategy is to just concentrate on them individually. This can be difficult since they'll all come at you at once, but stay focused on one enemy at a time and you'll be done with this quest before you know it.

Quest 5 Although it appears the next storyline battle will take place on the nearby river, you'll soon be transported into what appears to be a shrine of some sort. Before long, a Divine Beast will come forward from the crystal and summon a couple friends for battle with your party. How your allies morph in there with you, I'll never know. Anyway, this battle pits you against the first real boss character of the game, along with two Ahriman and two Float Eyeballs. This is the first difficult battle of the game, so make sure you've been hitting the side quests and learning more and more abilities. To win the battle, you only have to defeat Famfreet, but first concentrate on the eyeballs. Normal attacks should take them down relatively quickly, but the challenge here lies in having to fend off the eyes while also worrying about the Divine Beast. Beware of Famfreet's magic, as it'll hit multiple units for over 90 damage. Also, beware of how often you do normal close-up attacks on Famfreet, as he counters every one of them. Luckily if you've been leveling up enough, most of these will miss. To be safe, keep attacks coming from a distance, either with long-range normal attacks or magic. With a constant barrage of attacks and a little luck, Famfreet will fall and you'll be awarded the victory.

At this point, the story begins to unfold as you learn all about this new Ivalice—a land ruled by your old friend Mewt and his parents. That's right, Mewt who was constantly teased in the old Ivalice, is now the Prince. His father is no longer a drunk, and his mother is alive and well.

Marche realizes that the only way to get home is to destroy each of the Crystals… After the battle you'll be informed that Moogles can now summon 'Divine Beast'. Good news. Instead of having to worry about one law, you'll now get to worry about two.

Quest 6 In the next battle, you stumble upon a familiar looking Nu Mou being hassled by a group of enemies. The enemies in this battle include a Gladiator, Magician, Fighter, Guardian Knight, Ninja and a Hunter. This won't be much trouble at all, as the only difficult thing is getting to the enemies up top. Ezel will continue to cast a sleep spell on all enemy units as long as he's alive, so keeping him healed is of the utmost importance. Start by concentrating on the units down below and then move up top to the other enemies. Overall, this one isn't too difficult.

After the battle and story sequences, you'll have access to Ezel's card shop, where you can trade him for some of his own anti-law cards. From here on out, many quests will also reward you with cards of your own, which you can use or trade.

Quest 7 The following battle pits you against just five enemies. The Ice Drakes here are exceptionally powerful, though, so make sure you have a Black Mage on hand to deal out some sort of fire magic (their obvious weakness). With the Ice Pudding, you'll also want to look to fire magic—normal attacks won't do much damage at all. The Bomb and Lamia can be taken down with your (hopefully powerful by now) attackers, though Ice magic can make pretty short work of the Bomb as well. Be sure to have a healer on hand, as this battle can do a pretty decent amount of damage to your units.

Quest 8 In the next area, you might be expecting a battle among the rivers of lava, but once again Marche will be transported to a temple… wherein lies another Crystal. This Crystal battle is quite a bit easier than the last one, though you'll only have three of your allies backing you. Each of the eight crystals doesn't do a lot of damage with attacks, but each of them can charm your units, turning them on each other. In fact, most of the damage you'll take in this battle will be from your own units. If you have a Mage or other character who doesn't attack for much damage, use him to attack your charmed units and snap them out of it. When the last of the Crystals is destroyed, you'll get a bit more back story on Ivalice, and your Nu Mou will be given the ability to summon the Divine Beast.

Quest 9 After purchasing the next quest and heading over to the area, you'll catch a few rival clan members in the act of chopping down a large tree. The enemies consist of two Thieves, a Summoner, Sniper, Archer, Time Mage and Black Mage. The Summoner will cause you a lot of trouble if you don't take her out quickly. Make sure your units are separated a great deal, as her summons have an exceptional range. The Sniper and Archer may not deal a great amount of damage, but they'll be able to attack you from a pretty long distance. If you play it smart, this one shouldn't be much trouble.

Side Note: It's more important than ever to check the current laws once a battle starts so you don't get any unnecessary yellow or red cards. If you're in battle and feel you could definitely use the help of White Magic, and one of the laws is a ban on White Magic, then make sure you have the right cards to cancel out that law. It's always smart to keep some of the more common laws' anti-law cards on hand. Another Note: By now, your characters should be learning more and more new abilities. Once you Master the ability associated with your current weapon, replace it immediately. Usually you can find better weapons at the local shop or as rewards for side quests. If you've been working on a Thief, the first thing you should do is check the enemies' weapons, armor and accessories. There are some items only enemies carry...

Quest 10 The next quest can be as easy or difficult as you want it to be. You'll be introduced to Babus, a magician from Mewt's Court. Fortunately, to finish the quest, all you'll need to do is defeat Babus—and he starts right next to you! Marche will start the battle nearby Babus, while the rest of your party is a little bit further away. If you concentrate completely on Babus, this battle can be over in just a few turns. Babus' attack can do over 50 damage to your units, and his magic can target multiple units for over 80 damage. But truthfully, if you take each of your allies and work on him from the beginning, he won't have a chance to do much of anything. You can fight the rest of the enemy party, but I don't know why you'd bother. There are much better and easier places to level up.

Quest 11 It's time for another Crystal battle. This one harkens back to the first Crystal battle, where there's a central (and extremely powerful) boss character. The quest can be completed by defeating just Adrammelech, but as tempting as that might be, it's complete and utter suicide. Take your time with each of his Drake minions, using their respective weaknesses against them (use Fire on the Ice, Ice on the Fire, anything but Thunder on the Thunder). You'll definitely want some sort of designated healer in this battle, be it a character with White Mage abilities or a character who can use recovery Items. The key is to focus on each of the Drakes separately, and once they're all defeated, finally make your way toward the boss. This battle will likely try your nerves and may even take a few attempts, but just as in the first Crystal battle, with a little luck, you'll eventually finish off the Beast. This time you earn the right to summon the Divine Beast with all Bangaa characters.

Quest 12 Finally! No Laws! Fans of the original Final Fantasy Tactics will likely hold a special spot in their heart for this battle. After being introduced to Montblanc's brother, you find out that his airship has been stolen by a group that hails from Yakuto, the worst place in all of Ivalice. Yakuto is a place where Judges, and therefore Laws, don't exist. Frankly, you'll likely find this to be the best place in Ivalice, as Laws are no doubt getting on your nerves by now. The most important thing to remember in this battle is to raise your units if they fall. While they luckily won't have a counter counting down to their permanent death, they will cease to exist if they're fallen when the battle ends. As long as you keep this in mind, the battle should be no problem. The enemies consist of a Blue Mage, a Ninja, an Assassin, a Hunter, a Blade Keeper and an Antlion. The Human enemies shouldn't give you any trouble, and of the animals, only the Blade Keeper will take any time to defeat. Normal attacks won't do much at all to the Blade Keeper, so hit him with any sort of magic to slay him quickly. Remember; make sure every single one of your units is alive before you kill the last enemy. This is true for all battles that take place in Yakuto, be it this quest, side quests or random clan battles.

Quest 13 Hopefully all of your units are still with you after the battle at Yakuto. Here you'll find that a bounty has been placed on Marche and Clans from all over Ivalice are looking to collect on it. This Clan consists of a Black Mage, a Fighter, a Sage, a Paladin, a Red Mage and a Time Mage. The Paladin will heal groups of enemies and raise them once they've fallen. Because of this, take the Paladin out first, and then concentrate on the Fighter. Aside from these two, you shouldn't have a hard time powering through the rest of the Clan.

Quest 14 Look, it's Ritz and Shara! The bounty on Marche's head is as big as ever, so rival clans are still gunning for him. Thankfully, Ritz and Shara aren't looking to collect, so they'll come to your aid in this battle. While you'll only be allowed three of your own units (Marche not included) in this storyline battle, Ritz and Shara will be the only allies you need. Since you're only facing four enemies, and none are extremely powerful, all you really need to do is keep Ritz and Shara alive. If you don't like the idea of them taking your precious experience and JP, then go to work on the enemies yourself. Either way, this battle shouldn't be much trouble and won't take you very long.

After the battle you'll learn that next time Ritz sees you, she'll be sided with Mewt. If you want more back story on Ritz and Shara, take a look at some side quests.

Quest 15 After a bit of story, you'll have to contend with a large group of the Queen's army. This battle actually has two parts. The first part has you taking on a Gunner, two Temple Knights, two Moogle Knights, a Sage and a Paladin. Even worse, you'll only be allowed three allies along with Marche and Montblanc. Go after the Paladin first as he's the strongest and can do the most damage to your party. If you have a unit with Time Magic, now's the "time" to use him. Haste will help quite a bit here, as it'll give your outnumbered party a speed edge. Make sure you have a good amount of Phoenix Downs for any units with the 'Item' secondary ability. Once you take out the enemy forces, you'll be treated to some more story sequences. Finally, Marche will end up alone in another temple in what appears to be another Divine Beast battle. It's extremely important that you take out Babus first. If you leave him alive and go after the fruit first, you'll likely die and be forced to repeat the first battle. Remember, there was no save spot in between. If you take out Babus quickly enough, he won't be able to do much damage to you and you'll be free to destroy each of the plants at your leisure. Once you finish off the last one, Cid and Babus will see an image of Cid in the old Ivalice and learn the truth of what this Ivalice truly is. Afterwards you'll be told that Viera can now summon the Divine Beast. Now for the bad news… each battle will now have 3 active Laws instead of just 2. And you probably thought 2 Laws was as fun as things could get!

Quest 16 In the next story sequence you'll be introduced to Llednar, Mewt's new guardian now that Cid is leaving the palace. The opening of the next battle has a few enemies discussing a tip they've received that Marche would be arriving to this area soon. Who could've tipped them off? This battle can actually end up being quite difficult. You'll have to contend with two Fighters, two Thieves and two Bishops. The problem with this battle is that all of the enemies like to converge on your party at once. You'll want to take out the Fighters first, but this won't be easy with attacks coming from all sides. If you have a Ninja, this is a great place to use his status abnormalities. Haste will also come in handy if any of your units have it. The Thieves will be the least trouble here, so after the Fighters, take out the Paladins.

Quest 17 Finally, we find out who tipped off everyone about Marche's whereabouts… it's Doned, Marche' brother. However in new Ivalice, Doned can walk. Why would he sell out his own brother?

Only 4 allies will be allowed to accompany Marche in this one. This battle can be difficult if you don't have a way of using status abnormalities on the enemy. Again, a Ninja with a lot of learned abilities will prove to be your best friend here. Also, bring along someone who can raise units, be it a White Monk, White Mage or someone who can use Item. The enemies will all likely congregate in one area, making it difficult for any kind of strategy. If you're able to keep them from attacking or using magic (thanks to some status affecting spells), you should come away with a victory.

Quest 18 The next storyline quest turns into yet another Crystal battle. This one has two parts, just like the last one. Unlike last time, the second battle is the most important one. In the first part, you'll be taking on Llednar and a bunch of enemies he's summoned. Attack Llednar a few times and you'll be treated to possibly the coolest scene in the game… After a bit more story, it's time for the real battle. Now you'll find yourself facing 4 Vampires and the Divine Beast. Each of the Vampires is strong by themselves, so combined with Matias, this isn't going to be easy. Been saving your JP? Now's the time to bust out a Divine Beast summon. For the most part, Matias will use magic which can attack your entire party, though not for a ton of damage. It'd be best to have a White Mage or some other healing unit on hand to continually heal your units every turn. Even after being defeated, the Vampires in this battle will automatically raise again after 3 turns. Because of this, attacking them will be nothing but a hassle, so concentrate on the Divine Beast. If your units are strong enough at this point, you should be able to win it. Now that all five Crystals have been broken, the world will return to normal and the game will end.

Wait, it didn't! What's wrong? It appears Marche may have his own unresolved feelings, thereby keeping this world in existence. Human party members will now be able to summon the Divine Beast Matias.

Montblanc will now explain to you that there is a way you'll be able to get into the Palace… Gift Day coincidentally happens to be coming up! This is a day when everyone brings large gifts to the court, and Montblanc believes you'll be able to use this to sneak in and see Mewt.

Quest 19 On your way to collect Materia for your gift, you'll be once again attacked by a group who's been tipped off by Doned. The Clan is made up of all Viera. You'll want to kill the Assassin right away, as she has an attack which can take out a unit in one hit. With any luck, she should go down on your first set of turns. Make sure to take out the White Mage as soon as possible, as she'll continue to heal damaged units and raise any fallen ones. The Summoner can be a pain, as well, but overall this battle shouldn't be too tough if played correctly.

After the battle, Doned will steal and destroy your large piece of Materia, but somehow you still have enough to make the biggest and best gift for the Court.

Quest 20 The battle inside the palace has you in extremely cramped quarters versus 5 of the palace guards. This battle shouldn't be much trouble. If you have any ranged units, you'll be able to attack the enemies from across the table in the middle of the room. Make sure you keep all of your units together, and don't send them on both sides of the table. None of the enemies is exceptionally strong, so you should be able to just power your way through this one. On to part 2... Now this is perhaps the most frustrating thing you'll face in the entire game (even including Laws. Can you believe it?). You're put into a one on one showdown with Llednar, and your attacks won't hurt him. Sound fun? You'll pretty much want to run away and heal yourself and just pray that Llednar doesn't kill you with one attack. If Llednar does kill you before the end of the battle, you'll be forced to replay the previous battle as well. How fun. If you can run away for 4 or 5 turns, you'll win the battle and Llednar will escape.

Quest 21 When you purchase the information for the next storyline quest, Montblanc will question you. Marche tells him that by accepting a mission for Mythril ore, he can likely lure Doned out of hiding once again. This battle is a good test of how well your units are doing as far as levels go. This shouldn't be too much trouble if you've been keeping up with side quests and know enough abilities. Go after the White Monk first, as he'll tend to heal and raise units regularly. Aside from that, go back to the same tactics you used early on in the game. Surround an enemy, concentrate all attacks on him and move on to the next one. After the battle, Doned and Marche will have a very warm reunion.

Quest 22 While at the pub, a Temple Knight informs you that Cid has located the Queen and Mewt and would like to speak with you. Once you arrive at the destination, you're greeted by a welcoming party of monsters. If you've taken the route of making a strong Monster Tamer (and why wouldn't you?! OK, enough sarcasm.), you'll have a really easy time with this battle. At least putting all that time into a seemingly useless job finally pays off. If you don't have a Monster Tamer or even a Hunter, concentrate on the monsters individually, first taking out the Marlboro and Thunder Drake, as they're the strongest. Also beware of the Lamia's magic as it can kill a unit with one hit, sometimes. The monsters may have a ton of HP, but overall, this battle is pretty painless and will only act as a way to level you up for the upcoming final battle.

Quest 23 Cid tells you that Ezel has come up with a way to make the ultimate Anti-Law, but he'll need help finding the final ingredient. Once you arrive, you'll be welcomed by Ritz and Shara's clan. This fight can be extremely hard if not played smart. Defeating Ritz will end the battle, so don't worry too much about the rest of her clan. If you cast reflect on your units, Ritz's magic will turn around and damage her. Also, if you have a Thief with all of the major abilities, now's the time to use him/her, as Ritz has some extremely rare items equipped.

Quest 24 The final area of the game is the Royal Valley, which contains 3 fairly difficult boss battles. The first pits you against Llednar who can finally be attacked thanks to Cid breaking his spell. Unfortunately, you'll only be able to bring 3 allies into this one. Concentrate directly on Llednar and don't worry about the rest of the enemies. The Queen's battle is a bit more difficult as she'll summon two of the Divine Beasts. Keep your attacks focused on the Queen and you should be ok. She does have a lot of HP, though, so don't get discouraged. Finally, the Queen will transform into her final form. This is the most difficult form, obviously. She'll summon two of the Divine Beast Matias for the battle, but don't worry about them. Concentrate on attacking the Queen, and make sure you have a unit designated to healing. Le Grimoire as she's called now can change Laws at any time, so make sure you're aware of what Laws are in effect. If you still have JP, then let loose on her with every Divine Beast summon you have. Eventually Le Grimoire will fall and you'll be treated to the ending of the game. It's been a long time coming.

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Following is a list of each profession, the requirements for the profession and some of the better abilities associated with it. Learning each one requires equipping a certain item and earning ability points. After a certain amount of ability points are earned, the unit will master the ability, and you can equip a new weapon to learn that item's ability.

Alchemist Nu Mou Only. Must master five Black Mage Action Ability and 3 White Mage Action Ability. The requirements might make it seem like this would be a fantastic job, but it's really nothing too special. Flare and Meteo do a great deal of damage, but that's about it.

Animal Trainer Moogles Only. Starting Class. The ability to summon a Chocobo stampede is great, as is their ability to Charm enemies. Otherwise, though, nothing really stands out about this job.

Archer Humans and Viera. Starting Class. The Archer is definitely a gateway job. There aren't any particularly great abilities here, so learn them just to move up to the next job.

Assassin Viera Only. Must master 1 Sniper Action Ability and 2 Shaman Action Abilities. Assassin makes the perfect secondary ability. The Assassin's best abilities are Breath Stop and Nightmare. The former can kill a unit in one attack and the latter causes Sleep and Death Sentence.

Ninja Humans Only. Must master 2 Thief Action Abilities. Most of the Ninja's abilities revolve around causing status abnormalities on the target. Learning Two Swords will make your Ninja extremely powerful.

Paladin Humans Only. Must master 2 Soldier Action Abilities. Paladins are a very strong class whose best abilities include Disarm for removing your target's weapon, and Holy Blade for massive magic damage.

Red Mage Viera Only. Must master one Fencer Action Ability. Red Mages combine the weaker abilities of a Black Mage and a White Mage. While not a bad class, it's definitely not one to concentrate on.

Sage Nu Mou Only. Must master 2 Monster Tamer Action Abilities and 3 White Mage Action Abilities. Sages are very similar to Bishops. Blind, MaRaise and Ultima Blow are the best abilities your Sage can learn. Shaman—Viera Only. Must master 1 Fencer Action Ability and one White Mage Action Ability. Shamans are great, because they not only do a great deal of damage with their spells, but they can also cause status abnormalities with them.

Shape Shifter Nu Mou Only. Must master 5 Monster Tamer Action Abilities. Shape Shifers are able to copy the abilities of some monsters, which can be cool and sometimes effective. But is it really worth the cost of bothering with Monster Tamer?

Sniper Viera Only. Must master 2 Archer Action Abilities. Snipers are glorified Archers, though the ability to destroy your target's armor and weapon can come in handy.

Soldier Humans Only. Starting Class. Soldier is a pretty basic starting class. Some of his better abilities include Power Break, which lowers a target's Weapon Attack power and Magic Break, which lowers a target's Magic Attack power.

Summoner Viera Only. Must master 2 Shaman Action Abilities and 2 White Mage Action Abilities. Summoners are a great way to damage a bunch of enemies or help a ton allies all at once. Their range is superb and their target area is exceptionally large.

Temple Knight Bangaa Only. Must master 2 White Monk Action Abilities. Temple Knights can use some pretty strong weapons and still do a decent amount of magic. Their best spell is Haste, though you won't be able to do it many times due to the high amount of magic points required.

Thief Humans and Moogles. Starting Class. Thief is probably the most fun job in the game. Once you learn Steal Weapon and Steal Armor, you'll be able to get some great, rare stuff. Steal Ability isn't too bad either…

Time Mage Nu Mou and Moogles. Must master five Black Mage Action Abilities. Time Mages are a great job for already powerful Black Mages. With abilities including Haste, Reflect, Slow and Silence, you'll definitely want a character with Time Magic.

Warrior Bangaa Only. Starting Class. Warrior is pretty much the Bangaa's version of Soldier. There's nothing particularly great about this job. Master its abilities just to learn better jobs.

White Mage Humans, Viera, Nu Mou. Starting Class. One of the best professions there is. White Mages can not only heal and raise units, but they can also cast Protect and Shell to shield allies from damage.

White Monk Bangaa Only. Starting Class. White Monk is a decent job, but its best use is as a gateway to Bishop. White Monks are basically less competent White Mages who can deal a bit of damage.

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