Playstation Controller

Sony PlayStation 2, Redesigned

Matthew D. Sarrel

Sony's newly redesigned PlayStation 2 is a study in simplicity. With almost the same capabilities of its older brother, the tiny unit (1.1 by 23 by 6 inches, HWD) is an impressive feat of miniaturization. The updated PS2 occupies 77 percent less space than the original, and that should please anyone who tries to avoid clutter around the TV. The only drawback to the small size is the need for a rather large external power supply.

The new PS2, unlike the original, comes with a built-in network card and modem. You'll now find an IR port that works with a remote for DVD viewing, and there are also dual USB ports, controller ports, and memory card slots. The FireWire port, which very few accessories used, is gone. The unit is top loading and has a manually controlled CD/DVD bay door, solving the problem many original units had with burned-out tray mechanisms.

The redesigned PlayStation 2 is a compelling choice during this holiday shopping season, especially since there's already a huge library of games. And, of course, slimmer is better—we're just not sure if it's enough better to warrant replacing your current PlayStation 2.

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Playstation Controller
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