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Playstation 2 Game of the Year

News Editor Bryan Intihar: So it looks like the big three contenders among the staff are GTA: San Andreas, Metal Gear Solid 3, and Katamari Damacy. Well, that’s two out of three right. You could probably play GTA: San Andreas till the next one arrives, and MGS3 sets new standards for storytelling, but Katamari? Look, I appreciate its originality, but there are much better PS2 games to play (the new Ratchet & Clank, anyone?) than something that has you rolling around in crap for five hours.

Managing Editor Jennifer Tsao: Obviously, Bryan, you don’t appreciate Katamari’s originality. Any game that makes rolling around in crap fun and addictive is an award winner in my book. Plus, this ain’t any old crap—this is neato Japanese crap!

Editor-in-Chief Dan “Shoe” Hsu: Katamari’s fun, but Game of the Year over MGS3 or San Andreas? I give a big “LOL” to that. GTA wins, hands down. You might not think it does, because of its over-the-hill graphics and very specific criminal-lifestyle theme, but this is as close to virtual reality as any console game out there. Just go in the game and do what you want. I think MGS3 and Katamari may be minigames within San Andreas.

Jennifer: I’m in a tough spot here. It’s much easier to defend a masterpiece like MGS3 or a megamonster like GTA—both those games get proper respect from me. But for all their innovation, they’re still sequels that fit within existing parameters of games as we know them. Katamari packs such a “wow!” punch. It makes me see all sorts of possibilities for fundamentally new gameplay mechanics. That’s what I want to see more of in games. Plus, it rhymes with calamari. Doesn’t that count for anything anymore?

Shoe: Well, now what am I supposed to say? Jen pretty much disarmed me with that “it’s easy to defend GTA” comment. She’s right: San Andreas is an easy, obvious pick. But I still pick it, so there.

And the Winner Is... Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Publisher: Rockstar

Runner-up: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Li’l Awards...

Best Game No One Played:

Rallisport Challenge 2

(XB • Microsoft)

Weapon of Choice:

Psi-Ops’ Brain Powers

(PS2/XB • Midway)

Most Devious Boss:

Metal Gear Solid 3’s The End

(PS2 • Konami)

Copyright © 2005 Ziff Davis Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. Originally appearing in Electronic Gaming Monthly.

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