Spend Some Quality Time With Your PSP in 2006

Kingdom of Paradise

PSP • Sony CEA • November 2005

This original action-RPG dishes up hearty servings of combo-based combat, making it feel a tad like Dynasty Warriors.

Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim

PSP • Konami • Spring 2006

Porting this quaint adventure over from the PS2 has taken a bit longer than expected, but at least it’ll include some new minigames.

The Warrior’s Code

PSP • Sony Online • Spring 2006

With the first Legends still burning up the PSP sales charts, this gussied-up sequel should find many fans.

Monster Hunter Portable

PSP • Capcom • Spring 2006

Stunning visuals make this downsized PS2 port stand out from its peers. A lack of true Wi-Fi online play (it’s local only) really stings, though.

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