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SIGGRAPH 2000 Exhibitor Profiles A to Z; 27th International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques Starts Next Week in New Orleans

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SIGGRAPH 2000, the 27th International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, starts next week, July 23-28, 2000, at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, New Orleans, Louisiana. For more information about SIGGRAPH 2000, go to

Listed below are profiles from SIGGRAPH 2000 exhibitors. These profiles and additional exhibitor news releases, advisories, and photos are available on the Web at Exhibitor media kits are available on the Web at

Business Wire is the official news service for SIGGRAPH 2000.

Company:  3D Pipeline Corporation
Booth:  1280
Contact:  Heather Walders
Phone:  858-551-5493

3D Pipeline Corporation is a product development firm specializing in
3D simulations and applications. A balanced staff of programmers,
artists, writers, QA and management provides the structure necessary
to produce everything required for the development of innovative
products. 3D Pipeline Corporation has built a reputation with projects
like the million-dollar Mitsubishi geometry engine, development of the
popular glAnalyze reverse engineering tool, state of the art demos for
IHVs, and OpenGL drivers. 3D Pipeline has also compiled a robust
portfolio in character modeling and art asset development.

Company:  3rdTech, Inc.
Booth:  2845
Contact:  Doug Schiff
Phone:  919-929-1903

3rdTech, Inc operates as a foundry for new companies, creating
leading-edge products from university research. 3rdTech is announcing
two new groundbreaking products at SIGGRAPH 2000. The DeltaSphere-3000
is a 3-D laser scanner and scene digitizer that enables the capture
and creation of an accurate 3-D model of room-sized objects and spaces
for use in construction, maintenance, set design for film and video,
Web and game design, accident reconstruction and security. The HiBall
Tracker-3000 is a wide-area, high-performance optical tracking system
that provides very accurate position and orientation information for
use in virtual and augmented reality, training, simulation and
location-based entertainment.

Booth:  978
Contact:  Tricia McCormick
Phone:  978-499-0222
Web:, Inc. (NASDAQ: AWLD) is a provider of Internet
software products and services that enable the efficient delivery of
3D content over the Internet. Our comprehensive software platform is
comprised of proprietary three-dimensional server software, browser
and authoring tools. Users can create objects and structures in
virtual worlds which other users can see and explore in real time.
Activeworlds has a user base of over 1,000,000 users worldwide and has
a client base that includes companies like Boeing, NASA, and the
United Nations. Look for our newest release of version 3.0 in the next
few weeks which boasts faster frame rates, higher resolution graphics
and enhanced visual effects.

Company:  A K Peters, Ltd.
Booth:  2621
Contact:  Kathryn Maier
Phone:  508-655-9933

A K Peters, Ltd., is a scientific technical publisher whose program
focuses on Computer Science (Graphics and Geometric Design) and
Mathematics. In addition to celebrating five years of the journal of
graphics tools, A K Peters is looking forward to launching two new
computer graphics books at SIGGRAPH '00. Realistic Ray Tracing, by
Peter Shirley, focuses on how to write a powerful ray-tracing program
to produce the most realistic images possible. Cloth Modeling and
Animation, edited by Donald House and David Breen, covers behavior
modeling, dynamic simulation, and cloth appearance models for woven
and knit fabrics.

Company:  Align Technology, Inc.
Booth:  380
Contact:  Vic Bernsdorff
Phone:  408-738-1500

Align Technology develops innovative 3D products and applications for
the medical industry. Align is involved with 3D scanning, 3D
reconstruction of real objects, high-level graphics algorithms, and
autonomous computation in complex 3D spaces. Researchers at Align
recently invented -- and own all patents related to -- the only
transparent plastic braces for teeth. This innovation depends on
computational intelligence to automatically evaluate and design the 3D
attributes for complete orthodontic treatment. Align is seeking
graphics experts who are skilled in 3D C++ applications development or
Web technologies for new products and advancements in medical
technology -- and other markets.

Company:  American Cinematographer
Booth:  2337
Contact:  Saul Molina
Phone:  323-969-4333

American Cinematographer is the leading monthly magazine for the
motion picture and television industry. With a worldwide circulation
of 45,000, the magazine is distributed via paid subscription and
newsstand to more than 150 countries worldwide. Recently, American
Cinematographer won the Maggie Award for BEST OVERALL MAGAZINE/TRADE
1999 from the Western Publications Assn. American Cinematographer's
parent company -- the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) --
also publishes books including the best selling ASC Film Manual and
ASC Video Manual. The ASC also maintains a Web site at

Company:  Appian Graphics
Booth:  2641
Phone:  425-882-2020

Appian Graphics is the leading supplier of multi-monitor graphics
accelerators-including the Jeronimo and Gemini product lines-and
HydraVision, Appian's patented display management software that allows
users to manage a multiple monitor environment and become more
productive. Since its inception in 1994, Appian Graphics has focused
solely on the development and perfection of multi-monitor solutions.
Today, the company is the recognized leader in providing the fastest
hardware, most extensive software, and best overall solution for
multiple monitor needs. That's why leading PC manufacturers -- such as
Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Compaq and IBM -- offer Appian cards to their

Company:  Arete Image Software
Booth:  2944
Contact:  Beth Brezina
Phone:  818-501-1045

Demonstrating its continual commitment to providing creative artists
the best possible tools for developing digital content, Arete Image
Software, the premiere provider of oceanographic and atmospheric
special FX software, recently released, P_Liquid and Digital
PyroTools. P_Liquid is an exciting new shader for Maya that generates
photo-real, full-motion liquid surfaces directly from Maya particles.
Digital PyroTools is a pyrotechnics digital FX plug-in for Softimage.
Both applications will be demonstrated at the SIGGRAPH 2000 show in
New Orleans, booth 2944.

Company:  ART (Advanced Rendering Technology)
Booth:  1341
Contact:  Jack Deaton
Phone:  650-254-7610

ART (Advanced Rendering Technology), creator of the world's first ray
tracing chips, develops and markets photo realistic 3D rendering
systems. RenderDrive, ART's flagship 3D rendering system, enables the
rapid generation of high-quality computer images and is used by
animators, film makers, product designers and architects worldwide.
New for SIGGRAPH 2000 is the New MAYA Interface for RenderDrive. The
RenderPipe MAYA interface provides tightly integrated control and
access from within Alias/Wavefront's Maya application to RenderDrive's
advanced rendering features such as area lights, depth of field,
accurate materials, high image quality, and fast ray tracing.

Company:  Artbeats Digital Film Library
Booth:  2710
Contact:  Julie Hill
Phone:  541-863-4429

The Artbeats Digital Film Library is a whole new approach to stock
footage! We provide royalty-free stock footage on CD-ROM for
broadcast, desktop video, multimedia, and the Internet, at very
reasonable prices. This allows the user to create their own library
and physically keep it right where they work. No more research delays.
No more royalty reports. Content includes Pyrotechnics, Effects,
Aerials, Backgrounds, Establishments, Lifestyles, Nature and much

Company:  ArtByte
Booth:  2446
Contact:  Michele Senecal
Phone:  212-988-5959

Artbyte brings you provocative, opinionated coverage and criticism of
e-culture. Ahead-of-the-curve access to visionary thinkers, vanguard
trend spotters, and new, new things -- the people, trends and ideas
transforming our wired world.

Company: Art Institutes, The
Booth: 1560
Contact:  Jeffrey Durosko
Phone:  412-562-0900 x232 or 412-736-6182 (cell)

The Art Institutes family of 18 schools is located nationwide,
providing an important source of design, media arts, fashion and
culinary professionals. Two new schools are scheduled to open this
summer, The Art Institute of Washington in Rosslyn, Va. and The Art
Institute of Los Angeles -- Orange County in Santa Ana, CA. The Art
Institutes parent company, Education Management Corporation (EDMC) is
among the largest providers of proprietary post-secondary education in
the U.S., offering bachelor's degree, associate's degree and
non-degree programs. EDMC has provided career-oriented education
programs for over 35 years, and its schools have graduated more than
100,000 students. The Art Institutes Web site is located at

Company:  Ascension Technology Corporation
Booth:  2329
Contact:  Kim Bidwell
Phone:  802-893-6657

Ascension Technology's SIGGRAPH exhibit will spotlight new tracking
devices and solutions. Its trackers are used to measure and track
human, instrument and object motion in animation, medicine,
simulation, bio mechanics, visualization and virtual reality. The
company will demonstrate five different motion trackers using
magnetic, inertial and optical technologies to provide the optimal
tracking solution for each application. Ascension's partners Kaydara,
Virtual Research, EST and Simbionix will be present in the booth to
demonstrate turn-key solutions using various Ascension trackers.
Ascension's new inertial tracker 3D-BIRD, a low cost angular tracker
for simulation and VR games, will be prominently highlighted.

Company:  BARCO, Inc.
Booth:  642
Contact:  Lori Bauer
Phone:  770-218-3211

BARCO is a global leader in the development and manufacture of
high-performance projection systems for advanced visualization
applications. From a single projector to Reality Centers and other
immersive display solutions, BARCO has the experience and resources to
fabricate custom systems to satisfy customers' requirements. BARCO is
a total solution provider.

Company:  blaxxun interactive, Inc. - The Virtual Worlds Company
Booth:  2309
Contact:  Steven Trier
Phone:  415-437-7263

blaxxun interactive, Inc., the Virtual Worlds Company, is a global
corporation with offices in San Francisco and Munich. blaxxun develops
powerful multimedia, multi-user products and applications enabling
customers to create next-generation immersive, 3D online environments,
or worlds, for purposes of commerce, community and collaboration.
blaxxun's innovative and comprehensive open architecture technology,
together with worldwide strategic partnerships have positioned blaxxun
as the world leader of Internet software for Virtual Worlds.

For more information on blaxxun, please visit our Web site, at

Company:  Blue Sky Studios, Inc
Booth:  2421
Contact:  Brooks Jewell
Phone:  914-381-8400

Blue Sky Studios, a unit of Fox Filmed Entertainment, is an Oscar(R)
Award-winning animation studio that specializes in superior computer
generated character animation and effects for the motion picture and
television. Stop by our booth to see our latest creations featuring
the talking fish from HBO's "The Sopranos" season finale, and a
stunning CGI segment for Fox Animation's feature film "Titan A.E."

Company:  Caligari Corp.
Booth:  2141
Contact:  Eileen Ebner
Phone:  415-921-7570

Caligari Corp. will unveil trueSpace5 -- the long-awaited new version
of its award-winning 3D modeling and animation program -- with
powerful new NURBS-based modeling tools, physically realistic
rendering, compatibility with IGES, SAT and STL formats, & many new
features for the design market.

Caligari will also show iSpace 1.0 -- their new 3D Web graphics &
animation authoring tool for creating completely 3D, stunning Web

Caligari Corporation was founded in 1986 to develop the easiest and
most powerful tools for 3D authoring of interactive content. Today,
the Company focuses intently on developing 3D solutions that enable
online communication, collaboration and learning through immersive 3D

Company:  Cambridge Animation Systems
Booth:  1080
Contact:  Cramblitt & Company
Phone:  919-481-4599

Cambridge Animation Systems will feature new products for cartoon
animation, 3D plug-ins, and Internet animation technology. The company
will demo Animo Inkworks, a new plug-in that allows Maya and 3D Studio
MAX users to apply a cartoon look to 3D scenes and models. Previews at
the show include Animo for Mac, and vector-based Animo technology for
Flash movies on the Internet. Cambridge's Animo has an installed base
of nearly 2,000 seats in more than 50 countries. It is used for
production of feature films, TV series and commercials, games, and
Internet animation.

Note to editors: Cambridge will also be at the Alias/Wavefront area,
booth 1219, demonstrating Animo Inkworks.

Company:  Colorgraphic Communications
Booth:  2520
Contact:  Brian Lemaster
Phone:  770-455-3921

Colorgraphic Communications specializes in the development of multiple
display graphics cards. Over the past 14 years, Colorgraphic has
brought more than 30 distinct multi-display products to market for use
within the Financial Trading, Command and Control, Engineering Design
and 911 Emergency Dispatch industries.

Colorgraphic is proud to debut the Predator ProMedia at Siggraph 2000.
The ProMedia represents a landmark design that can support up to 4
displays, with up to 8 separate video inputs, plus optional TV tuners,
DVI digital output, multi-screen MPEG playback, as well as Composite
and S-video output.

Company:  Curious Labs, Inc.
Booth:  1378
Contact:  Patricia Conroy
Phone:  831-462-8907

Curious Labs, Inc., based in Santa Cruz, California-continues the
legacy of Poser(TM)-the award-winning 3D figure posing and animation
tool for structuring humans, animals and 3D characters. Curious Labs
was founded in April 2000 by Poser's core engineering, development,
marketing & sales team from Fractal Design and MetaCreations. Poser is
being re-branded under the Curious Labs logo and is expected to begin
shipping in Q3 2000. Additionally, Curious Labs provides technology to
its parent corporation egi.sys AG, in Tubingen, Germany for
integration in B2B solutions. For more information about Curious Labs
and the next generation of Poser-please visit our Web site

Company:  Curious Software Company Ltd
Booth:  679
Contact:  Zoe Wilson
Phone:  +44-0-20-7428-0288

Curious World Maps is a powerful software package for creating
broadcast quality, highly-detailed, still and animated maps of
anywhere in the world on any PC quickly and easily. Users have
complete control over color schemes, textures, relief, lighting and
text formatting to create any look they want.

It is the first product from Curious Software and was launched in
April 2000. Current high-profile users include The Canadian
Broadcasting Corporation (Toronto) who are using the software in
documentary production and are in the process of implementing Curious
World Maps as their main method for creating maps for CBC News and

Company:  CYBELIUS Software
Booth:  2715
Contact:  Pekka Parnanen
Phone:  408-971 1800

CYBELIUS Software provides interactive 3D interface solutions
integrated as the top layer for E-Business, E-Commerce, and
Configuration solutions. Solutions using CYBELIUS' award-winning
technology enhance online configurations within 3D models, making them
visually attractive and virtually tangible in 3D and functional
formats. This allows end-users of CYBELIUS' customers to "see and
touch"; in other words, to try and test products in 3D photo-realistic
and functional form over the Internet. CYBELIUS Interactive 3D
Interface brings solutions for online configuration within 3D models,
functional product models, interactive manuals, Web based
demonstrations and more! Through Interactive 3D Interface CYBELIUS
Software brings the Web ALIVE.

Company:  Deep Video Imaging Ltd.
Booth:  2744
Contact:  Roz Phillips
Phone:  +64 7 843 0839

Deep Video Imaging Ltd. is a private New Zealand based Display
Technology Company, with representation in New Zealand, Singapore,
California and Connecticut.

The Deep Video Imaging monitor has been selected by R&D Magazine as
one of the most technologically significant products of the year.

For use in applications that demand enhanced visualization and user
interaction the LCD monitors provide actual depth of field in a
compact display device without the viewing restrictions associated
with '3D' displays. The platform independent monitors are capable of
displaying Deep Video Imaging content as well as conventional stereo
2D and 3D content individually or simultaneously.

Company:  Digital Media Online (
Booth:  2545
Contact:  Kelly Haggard
Phone:  714-384-3058

Digital Media Online ( is the leading
developer of B2B vertical online communities for the digital media
market. Digital Media Net communities are organized into distinct
vertical market segments, including streaming media, digital video,
animation, special effects, desktop publishing, imaging and design,
digital audio, CAD, workstations, broadcast and post production and
game development. Each channel offers up-to-the-minute editorial
content, and is updated at least once each business day. resources include breaking technology and product
news, techniques, white papers, research, interactive product guides,
trade show news, classified, job and resume listings and extensive
examples of digital art, animations and video.

Company:  dhima & Digital Hollywood
Booth:  2417
Contact:  Chris Eckardt
Phone:  310-899-9377

DHIMA started in April 1997 as the first international training center
of Digital Hollywood Japan -- a digital animation, special effects,
and multimedia school system with 6 facilities in Japan and 1 in South
Korea. Since 1994, Digital Hollywood has been the largest computer
graphics educational system in the world. DHIMA's main focus is in
training the student and professional to enter the challenging
industry of computer graphics in entertainment, design, architecture,
and countless other possibilities. The intersection of computer
graphics and entertainment meet in Santa Monica, California. For this
reason, DHIMA's location is a major benefit to the student, the
school, and the entertainment industry.

Company:  DiSTI
Booth:  665
Contact:  Joe Swinski
Phone:  407-206-3390

DiSTI(R) is pleased to announce the release of GL Studio, the most
advanced software for virtual prototyping and creating human machine
interfaces (HMI's). GL Studio uses Open GL and photographic textures
to create photo realistic HMI's. The GL Studio designer also produces
Open GL and C++ source code that is easily integrated into game and
simulation programs. The Air Force Research Lab and several commercial
customers are using GL Studio to create aircraft instrumentation for
use in flight simulators. DiSTI(R)is a located in the Central Florida
Research Park adjacent to the University of Central Florida.

Company:  DVS Digital Video, Inc.
Booth:  2829
Contact:  Peter Spoer or Erik Balladares
Phone:  818-241-8680

DVS offers a comprehensive line of DTV/HDTV/High-Resolution systems
for storage and computer-video interfacing in digital post, broadcast,
computer-video, digital cinema and presentation:

-- HDStationPRO uncompressed HDTV/High-Resolution NT workstation with
-- ProntoVision2000 uncompressed HDTV disk recorder
-- ProntoServer multi-channel D1/D5/HDTV Server with shared
-- MovieVideoSCS HDTV still&clip store
-- ClipStationPRO uncompressed D1/D5 PCI-bus board workstation.

Company:  Essential Reality
Booth:  1278
Contact:  Alexis Millea
Phone:  212-244-3200 x112

Essential Reality is at the center of a dramatic change in the way we
communicate with technology: what was labored "point-and-click" will
now be intuitive interaction with 3D environments on-screen.

Essential Reality will make 3D communication simple with our product
(code-named the Gauntlet), a 3D human interface device that captures
the bend of the fingers and the movement of the hand in space.
Essential Reality welcomes the opportunity to speak with 3D animation
designers and software developers about the ways our products can work

Company:  Exabyte Corporation
Booth:  1641
Phone:  800-EXABYTE (392-2983)

Exabyte Corporation is a leading supplier of video storage systems for
the broadcast and streaming video markets. Headquartered in Boulder,
Colorado, Exabyte designs, manufactures and markets industry leading
data and video storage products including MammothTape and 8mm
technology tape drives; MammothTape, 8mm and DLTtape automated tape
libraries; and premium quality media. For more information, visit our
Web site at

Company:  eyeon Software Inc.
Booth:  2815
Contact:  Joanne Dicaire
Phone:  905-944-4278

eyeon Software launches Digital Fusion 3.0, their 7th major release of
this highly-acclaimed visual effects offering. Free floating flows,
collapsible/expandable tools, fully integrated Paint, Text 2000,
plugin adapter, importing of PSD, OMF/EDL files, tool caching,
together with hundreds of enhancements, are only the beginning.

Strong core features, such as direct support for DDR video boards, 3D
animation image formats that support Z buffers and digital film
formats and tape drives, explain Digital Fusion's growing popularity.
Now, with their heralded modular system, DFX+, and a new licensing
system, eyeon redefines the working environment altogether. Think it.
Build it. It's that simple.

Company:  Fakespace Systems Inc.
Booth:  227
Contact:  Wendy Lewis
Phone:  650-691-1488

Fakespace Systems designs, manufactures and installs immersive display
systems for use in design and engineering, scientific research,
military applications and for oil and gas exploration. These virtual
reality display systems, which make computer-generated visualizations
appear to really exist in three-dimensional space, have been shown to
improve productivity, creativity and communications in collaborative
work environments. Today, the market for this technology is at an
inflection point, and Fakespace Systems is an industry leader with the
broadest range of innovative products, the largest installed base, and
a track record of excellence in supporting its customers.

Company:  FGL Graphics (Division of S3, Inc.)
Booth:  2308
Contact:  Norma Rosenfield
Phone:  818-342-8330

FGL Graphics, a division of S3 Incorporated, will debut new price and
performance benchmarks for its new Fire GL2 and Fire GL3 accelerators
for the professional workstation graphics market. The Fire GL2 and
Fire GL3 set a new standard of excellence by delivering faster
performance than every competitive product on the market, regardless
of price. FGL is also breaking the price barrier by offering the Fire
GL2 for less than $1,200 and the Fire GL3 at under $2,000, so users at
any level -- whether they're high-end CAD and digital content
creators, MCAD and 3D game developers or simply novices -- can now
afford a Fire GL product. Please visit the FGL graphics exhibit for a
one-on-one demonstration.

Company:  Fujitsu Takamisawa America, Inc.
Booth:  318
Contact:  Mary Jo Carlone
Phone:  414-425-6164

Fujitsu Takamisawa America, Inc. unveils ErgoPoint 3D, a programmable,
sensor-based 3D/2D input device/motion controller for the desktop that
offers users improved 3D control capability in digital and physical
environments. Using fingertip control, it allows intuitive and precise
manipulation of up to four independent 3D points or states in
six-degrees-of-freedom. Proprietary middleware makes ErgoPoint 3D
universally compatible with any commercial 3D CAD, 3D rendering or VR
software running on Windows 95/98/2000, Windows NT and UNIX platforms.
It also functions as a mouse. Fujitsu Takamisawa America, Inc. markets
and distributes electronic components including relays, connectors,
keyboards, keypads and other input devices, and thermal printers.

Booth:  2921
Contact:  Kyong Yang
Phone:  206-268-1736
Web: is the leading portal site for creative professionals to
search, purchase and download visual content and related products.
Customers can access over 250,000 high quality images across multiple
market-leading brands including those owned by Getty Images -- Stone,
PhotoDisc, The Image Bank, EyeWire, Artville, FPG and special
collections from Allsport and Hulton Getty, and third-party partners
-- FoodPix, Illustration Works, National Geographic Image Collection
and The Bridgeman Art Library.

Company:  InSpeck inc.
Booth:  2406
Phone:  514-284-1101

InSpeck inc. is a leader in the field of non-laser-based, optical 3D
digitizing, and specializes in digitizing free-form objects -- in
particular humans. The Company researches, designs, develops and
manufactures both color and monochrome, non-contact, optical 3D
digitizers and 3D modeling software -- all designed to support
applications for modeling, animation, multimedia and electronic games.
Other applications include electronic 3D archiving, 3D Web, virtual
reality and biomedical imaging. InSpeck's products have a reputation
for ease of use, capture speed, capacity to measure texture and
affordability. At Siggraph, InSpeck will introduce their new
Multi-Head System as well as InSpeck FAPS Software Version 4.1.

Company:  Journey Education Marketing
Booth:  1461
Contact:  Allan Fischler
Phone:  800-874-9001

Journey Education Marketing is a nationally authorized academic
software dealer offering students, faculty and schools the ability to
purchase popular software at savings up to 75 percent off the
commercial suggested retail prices. Thousands of popular software
available from Discreet, AliasWavefront, Softimage, Newtek, Adobe,
Microsoft, Macromedia, Autodesk, and many more. Order toll-free at
1-800-874-9001 or online at

Company:  Junior Land Co.,Ltd
Booth:  2748
Contact:  Raymond Wong
Phone:  886-2-2218-6479

Looking for powerful, high quality output, easy using, low investment
and cheap digital Ink & Paint animation software? You can count on
Wang Film Productions's 21 years experience in animation business and
10 years development of AniMaster. We made it, we use it, we know your

Company:  Kazoo3D
Booth:  2149
Contact:  Erin Findley
Phone:  415-808-9822

Kazoo3D gives people the means and tools to create and share vibrant,
personalized 3D-enhanced communications in an easy, fun and
entertaining environment. Employing innovative 3D technology and
creative graphic designers, as well as a soon to be launched Web site
with a fully contained e-commerce engine, Kazoo3D provides easy and
intuitive software and is building the world's largest and most
diverse collection of quality 3D models. With Kazoo3D's free software,
KazooStudio, users can easily incorporate 3D models into photographs,
documents, presentations and other visual communications. Kazoo3D
partners include Adobe Systems, Inc. and Streetwise Software, Inc.

Company:  Lake Technology Limited
Booth:  344
Contact:  Patrick Flanagan
Phone:  +61 2 9213 9000

Lake is at the forefront of acoustic simulation technology. At
Siggraph 2000 Lake is demonstrating its Huron system The system
provides the most comprehensive tool-set for interactive spatial audio
simulation in Virtual Reality. It provides unprecedented flexibility
in design and control of audio simulations.

Hyper-real spatial acoustic environments built on the Huron platform
support multiple users in complex geometrically modelled environments.
Multiple animated sounds with doppler, directivity modelling, and room
acoustics can be rendered in real-time. The Huron system takes audio
simulations in a Virtual Reality system to the next level, and is the
cutting edge of acoustic simulation technology.

Company:  MacAcademy/Windows Academy
Booth:  678
Contact:  Nathan McLaughlin
Phone:  904-677-1918

MacAcademy/Windows Academy produces training CD-Roms and Videos on
software applications for Macintosh and Windows. Training is available
on software from Adobe, Apple, Filemaker, Macromedia, Microsoft, Quark
and others.

Each CD-Rom or Video in a series is approximately two hours in length
and taught by experienced instructors that use non-technical language
to explain basic to advanced techniques, shortcuts, and little known
tips and tricks.

Other services include Live Training Seminars and Customized On-site
training. International offices are located in England and Australia.
Information can be received in our booth or by calling our toll free
number 800/527-1914 or 904/677-1918.

Company:  Macromedia
Booth:  218
Contact:  Megan Kirkwood
Phone:  415-252-2225

Macromedia delivers award-winning products and solutions for creating
engaging and effective next-generation Web sites. Enterprises and
professional Web developers turn to Macromedia to speed their Web site
deployment and will benefit from its future vision of managing all
phases of the Web Content Lifecycle. Macromedia products and solutions
enable rich, engaging, and personalized Web experiences. They also
allow enterprises to strategically manage increasingly complex Web
applications, analyze results and, most importantly, generate
measurable returns on investment. Macromedia will have an exciting
announcement at SIGGRAPH 2000. Please stop by our booth (218) for

Company:  MAXON Computer, Inc.
Booth:  265
Contact:  Paul Babb
Phone:  805-494-0718

MAXON is the developer of CINEMA 4D XL, a professional, cross-platform
3D modeling, animation and rendering software package. Version 6, just
released, boasts more than 1000 new features. Highlights include
non-linear construction history, motion sequencing, and area
lights/shadows. CINEMA 4D is only 5 percent OS dependent, so it looks
and works the same on all platforms (Window/Mac). All projects and
resources are seamlessly cross platform. C4D works well with older
hardware, requires less RAM, has unmatched stability and is priced
hundreds of dollars less than comparable packages. FREE demo version
available from their Web site:

Company:  Medea Corporation
Booth:  226
Contact:  Laura Arnold
Phone:  818-597-7645 x110

Medea Corporation will be introducing their new VideoRaid RT at
Siggraph. VideoRaid RT disk arrays offer up to 450 GB of storage per
module and sustain a data transfer rate of 65 MB/second. VideoRaid RT
provides more than enough performance to support a single stream of
uncompressed video or dual-stream, real-time effects systems at
broadcast resolutions to 500 KB/frame. For applications such as HDTV
or systems capable of multiple streams of uncompressed video,
VideoRaid RT disk arrays can be striped together to support the
necessary bandwidth requirements.

Company:  Miranda Technologies
Booth:  449
Contact:  Darin Crosby
Phone:  514-333-1772

Miranda Technologies is a world-leading provider of digital video and
audio interfaces for the broadcasting and post-production markets. The
Company is represented worldwide in over 40 countries by a network of
professional distributors and dealers. Miranda has earned an
international reputation as a forerunner in video digital signal
processing and is known around the globe for its expertise in the
development of digital television and HDTV technologies. At SIGGRAPH
2000 Miranda will be introducing the MDC-800, a monitoring
downconverter for HDCAM Cameras. They will also be displaying, for the
first time at SIGGRAPH, DV-Bridge, a DV to/from Digital Audio/Video
Codec and the SDM-871p, a high-definition digital to analog converter.

Company:  MOTEK Motion Technology, Inc.
Booth:  2235
Contact:  Sharon Costello
Phone:  603-641-1300

MOTEK is world-renowned as pioneers in the motion capture industry.
With full-service studios in Amsterdam and the US, it designs and
markets real-time motion-capture data solutions for the entertainment
and commercial technology industries. MOTEK revolutionized the field
with the introduction of UNICA; a Web-based, customizable solution for
deploying professionally captured cinema-quality 3D movement into
mainstream creative projects, and StockMoves, a Web-library of 10,000+
stock motions.

MOTEK is the only source you need. Providing:

-- Consulting and production services
-- Studio or on-location motion capture
-- StockMoves

Company:  Motion Analysis Corporation
Booth:  435
Contact:  Tom Whitaker
Phone:  707-579-6500

We have the world's first RealTime optical motion capture system. We
are the world's largest manufacturer of optical motion capture systems
for film, television, Web and video games. Our systems are made
specifically for film and animation with the Falcon camera up to 32
camera systems. We write plugins to MAX, Softimage, Alias, Maya,
Kaydara, Typhoon, Niechiman, and LightWave.

Company:  OTT-LITE Technology
Booth:  2942
Contact:  Bruce Bernstein
Phone:  800-842-8848 x350

OTT-LITE Technology is pleased to introduce its new OTT-LITE
VisionSaver line of TrueColor products for printing and graphics
professionals and computer users. Noted to be "The Ultimate Computer
Accessory," OTT-LITE VisionSavers are lighting tools that actually
enhance performance. Specially formulated to replicate the visible
wavelengths of natural daylight, they bring this perfect light
indoors, enabling one to see colors with extreme precision -- perfect
for color matching and proofing -- and allowing details to be seen
with startling clarity. Even more impressive though, OTT-LITE
VisionSavers are virtually glare-free, reducing eyestrain and computer
vision syndrome while increasing productivity. For more information,
call 800/842-8848.

Company:  Panoram Technologies, Inc.
Booth:  253
Contact:  Deborah Naramore
Phone:  818-504-0714

Panoram Technologies, Inc. is the world's premiere supplier of
advanced visualization solutions, technologies and facilities that
result in powerful collaboration and personal productivity computing
environments. These innovative, fully engineered and integrated
visualization displays come in a variety of designs and formats to
accommodate an expanding base of applications and situations.

Display products may be categorized into three distinct fields: large
facility/auditorium, conference room/workgroup and desktop
visualization systems. Panoram Technologies also manufactures and
markets some specialty VR products such as the FullView 360 degrees
real-time video camera and the PSP Series of passive stereographic

Company:  Paraform, Inc.

Paraform, Inc. is the pioneer and market leader in Digital Form
Development, offering software solutions and services to address a
variety of challenges that exist in the current 3D design and
manufacturing process of complex, organic, free form shapes.

The company's technology can be leveraged across applications, such as
conceptual design, tooling modification and repair, vendor
verification and inspection, manufacturability analysis, legacy data
processing, digital archiving, visualization, rapid surfacing and
reverse engineering, as well as entertainment applications such as
broadcast, film, and game development. Paraform's versatile approach
has been used in diverse projects ranging from the creation of custom
race car seats from Lear Corp., to toys via Fisher-Price to digital
humans in blockbuster summer movies, including Hollow Man and The

Company:  PDI/DreamWorks
Booth:  355
Contact:  Julie Haddon
Phone:  650-846-8100

PDI/DreamWorks is an award-winning producer of high-end animation and
visual effects for the entertainment and advertising industries. PDI's
Feature Animation unit is the chief producer of computer-generated
feature animation for DreamWorks SKG under an exclusive co-production
agreement. Following the success of its 1998 hit film ANTZ, PDI is
currently in production on its second and third feature films, SHREK
and TUSKER. PDI's Commercial and Feature Effects Division provides
character animation, visual effects, live action, and post production
solutions for advertising and film clients. Established in 1980, PDI
is located in Northern California and employs nearly 350 people. For
more information, visit PDI online at

Company:  Photron USA
Booth:  646
Contact:  Scott Gross
Phone:  408-261-3613

PHOTRON LTD. was founded as a company in 1974, to provide sales and
services of professional film and video equipment to major motion
picture studios, film laboratories, TV stations, cable outlets,
manufacturing industries and medical fields in Japan. The company
name, "PHOTRON", was coined by combining the words "Photon" and
"Electron", each representing basic elements of the 'state of the art'
technologies PHOTRON has been pursuing. Photron will be showing its
Primatte chromakey software plug-ins and will launching a new product,
Mamoe. Mamoe is a 3D camera-tracking (match move) program for
WindowsNT and SGI systems.

Company:  POST Magazine (Advanstar Technology Communities)
Booth:  2618
Contact:  Luanne Rao
Phone:  212-951-6632

Fifteen-year-old POST Magazine's monthly coverage straddles three
factions of the digital content arena: the industry's top digital
talent, their new products and their high-profile clients. POST serves
the field of television, film and video production and post
production. Each and every month POST informs and inspires the top and
the up-and-coming with its clear, accurate editorial coverage and its
vibrant visual layouts. The busiest professionals in the industry use
POST as their window to the market, the people and the events that
affect their livelihood. POST Magazine keeps them in touch.

Company:  Professional Graphics World (PCI) Formerly Silicon Graphics
Booth:  1908
Contact:  Mike Yokam
Phone:  800-678-9724

Professional Graphics World, formerly Silicon Graphics World, has
within its database the best list of Silicon Graphics users and
decision- makers in the industry, as well as a strong list of non-SGI
graphics professionals. Bimonthly editorial coverage includes the
following issues: computer-aided design; scientific; medical;
entertainment; visualization; simulation; analysis; 3-D technology;
Unix, Linux and NT, as well as industry news and new products. It's
Web site ( includes in-depth white papers, IT
analysis, and a weekly opinion wire that do not appear in the

Company:  project:messiah
Booth:  238, Hall E
Contact:  Michael Kunkes
Phone:  323-662-2480

Project:messiah is the first professional software package created
from the ground up to revolutionize the art of 3D character animation.
It is the product of a dynamic collaboration between CGI veterans Dan
Milling, Lyle Milton and Fori Owurowa, who have spent five years
collecting the wish lists of digital artists and animators and rolling
them into one fast, powerful, integrated package. The unrivaled speed
and ease of use makes project:messiah truly geared for the way artists
and film makers actually work today.

Company:  Raindrop Geomagic
Booth:  519
Contact:  Bob Cramblitt
Phone:  919-481-4599

Raindrop Geomagic will feature technologies that remove the barriers
between physical and digital worlds, revitalizing existing
applications in CAD/CAM and digital content creation, and spawning new
applications in areas such as healthcare and 3D graphics on the Web.
Geomagic Studio 3.0, a major new release that simplifies and
streamlines the process of creating precise 3D computer models, will
be demonstrated. The new release builds on the product's reputation
for creating accurate surfaces for complex organic shapes, while
adding new capabilities that improve on current methods for working
with prismatic shapes.

Company:  RealVision, Inc.
Booth:  662
Contact:  Naoto Sawada
Phone:  +81-45-473-7331

RealVision, Inc. is a leading 3D graphics LSI and solution supplier
specializing in full hard-wired logic geometry engine technology.
Founded in 1997 with headquarters in Yokohama, Japan, the company
develops and sells 3D geometry engine LSI, 3D graphics boards, and 3D
graphics software, including video games. The mission of RealVision is
to be a major graphics solution provider, both in high-end 3D graphics
and 3D embedded graphics applications such as navigation systems, PDA,
or mobile games. At the booth, we show you the excellent performance
of our high-end 3D graphics board, VREngine/TE1, using new demos.
Visit the RealVision Web page at

Company:  REALVIZ
Booth:  1253
Contact:  Emmanuel Javal
Phone:  011-33-4-92-38-84-60

REALVIZ develops and markets interactive 2D image processing and 3D
modeling tools for computer graphics professionals in film, broadcast,
gaming and multimedia. REALVIZ' Image Processing Factory (IPF)
applications, MatchMover, ReTimer, Stitcher and ImageModeler enable
users to easily and cost-effectively process 2D photos, video and
cinematic footage into computer-generated images, sequences, 3D camera
tracks and 3D models for use in the creation of 3D animation and
special effects.

Company:  Renaissance Center, The
Booth:  580
Contact: Vona Redden
Phone:  615-740-5517

The Renaissance Center is a premiere education facility offering
world-class training for non-linear editing/finishing and 3D computer
animation. We are an Avid authorized training center for Softimage
Digital Studio (DS). Our high-tech training room utilizes Robotel, a
teaching system that allows the instructor to take control of any
student training station so students can simultaneously see the same
screen while the instructor demonstrates problem-solving techniques.
The Renaissance Center is one of eleven authorized training centers in
the world for 3D Studio Max and offers an intense training program for

Company:  Right Hemisphere
Booth:  1078
Phone:  206-374-2670

Right Hemisphere, the creators of Deep Paint, Deep Paint 3D and
Texture Weapons(TM), develop and market innovative, high performance
productivity tools for digital artists. Texture Weapons, a set of
tools for Deep Paint 3D provide virtually distortion-free 3D texturing
and painting for use in any 3D environment.

Texture Weapons include the new MercatorUV(TM) technology with
V.A.M.P.(TM) mapping, a breakthrough in texturing and 3D painting and
UV mapping technology, allowing artists to focus on art and creativity
without the difficult topology problems traditionally associated with
3D texturing. Ideal for film, television, game development or
industrial design. Direct plug-in links with most popular 3D software
are standard.

Company:  Sharp Electronics Corporation
Booth:  2303
Contact:  Gerald Ganguzza
Phone:  888-GO-SHARP

Sharp Electronics is a worldwide developer of core digital
technologies that are playing an integral role in shaping the next
generation of computing products for consumer and business needs.
Sharp is also the global leader in LCD technology, which is
incorporated into leading-edge LCD monitors and projectors. From the
small office/home office (SOHO) to large corporate environments, Sharp
offers a full line of high-resolution projection and display products
for use in CAD/CAM, multimedia and portable applications. New models
include our eye-popping 4700 ANSI Lumen XG-V10WU large venue
projector, our high-resolution line of Notevision portable projectors
and high-quality LCD video monitors.

Company:  Sheridan College
Booth:  547
Contact:  Ronald Holgerson or Karen Grant-Jaeckle
Phone:  905-815-4007
E-mail: (only for International student

Sheridan College opened in 1967 and has since grown in stature
(renowned for animation) and size (over 10,000 full-time students).
The Sheridan Center for Animation and Emerging Technologies (SCAET),
opening in September 2000, is a model for digital media training for
the coming century. An enhanced teaching and applied research
facility, SCAET offers students access to the latest in hardware and
software, and includes programs in Advanced Television and Film,
Computer Animation, New Media Design, Interactive Multimedia and
Journalism -- New Media. Graduates of Sheridan's established and world
renowned animation programs include one Academy Award winner and two
nominees. The work of Animation alumni has been prominently featured
in such recent successes as "Star Wars 1: The Phantom Menace," "Toy
Story" and Toy Story 2," and "The Mummy." Sheridan College provides an
invigorating educational environment and is well known for its
distinctive curriculum, academic excellence and highly motivated
student body. For more information, visit the Web site at

Company:  SIMI Reality Motion Systems
Booth:  567
Contact:  Andreas Russ
Phone:  0049-89-321 459-0

SIMI has been founded in 1992 by Mr. Andreas Russ. It's our aim to
conquer the 3D Motion analysis market, to develop and to distribute
High End solutions. The evaluation and analysis of dynamic 3D motions
with the PC should be the object in view. Our philosophy is based on
creating own products = own Know How = own values. To gain these ends,
SIMI software is supporting various technologies such as video and PC
technics as well as high speed video systems and external equipment
like forceplates, EMG etc. In process of development we have found
solutions which were leading to our own product line.

Company:  Solid Modeling Solutions
Booth:  539
Contact:  Bob Blomgren
Phone:  206-463-1417

Solid Modeling Solutions has recently announced the availability of
Release 3.0 of SMLib. SMLib is a solid modeling geometry kernel based
on NURBS technology, enhanced with trimmed surface constructions and
intersections, non-manifold topology, merge and Boolean operators,
fillets and blends, and IGES/STEP/VDAFS data translation.

SMLib is licensed in source-code with no end-user royalties. It is
used by CAD suppliers, mold designers, numerical control engineers,
medical imagers, animators, and other designers requiring
high-resolution 3D geometric representations. SMLib was originally
released in the fall of 1998 and is provided without proprietary
dependencies. Solid Modeling Solutions is a truly independent provider
of geometry software.

Company:  Spatial Integrated Systems, Inc.
Booth:  346

Spatial Integrated Systems, Inc. (SIS) of Rockville, Maryland will
introduce their newest technology -- Complex Reality (CR) -- at
SIGGRAPH 2000 (Booth 346). CR represents a breakthrough in 3D
visualization and imaging development tools. Co-developers, Dr. Ali
Farsaie and Dr. Yuri Shyyrap have created a biologically inspired
technology that emulates the human visual system. CR technology
provides content developers the ability to capture dimensionally
accurate geometric and texture data of 3D objects and spaces in a
matter of minutes resulting in a realistic "look and feel" that is
superior to existing methods. For more information call 301/610-7965
or e-mail:

Company:  SPEC/GPC
Booth:  Member companies are spread throughout the SIGGRAPH show floor
Contact:  Bob Cramblitt
Phone:  919-481-4599

The Standard Performance Evaluation Corp.'s Graphics Performance
Characterization (SPEC/GPC) Group, a non-profit organization that
develops benchmarks used for performance evaluation, will announce the
following news at its press conference on Wednesday, July 26, from
noon to 1 p.m. in room 284 of the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center:

-- A new version of its Viewperf 3D graphics benchmark, with updated
   and new viewsets.

-- A new application benchmark for 3D Studio MAX R3.

-- A new application benchmark for CoCreate's SolidDesigner.

-- Plans for future benchmarking initiatives. SPEC/GPC is the
   worldwide leader in standardized benchmarks for 3D graphics

Company:  Steamboat Software, Inc.
Booth:  2523
Contact:  Rachel Saenz
Phone:  323-665-0454

Steamboat Software, a developer of high end computer graphics and
visual effects software, will make licenses for Jig v1.0 available for
sale. Jig is a comprehensive solution for rendering traditional
geometry, photo realistic hair, volumes, and particles. The software
has been ported to SGI and NT platforms, but is primarily developed
for the Linux operating system. Jig is designed to be scalable,
performing well on modest workstations as well as large rendering
clusters. Jig has been used by many of the industry's leading
producers of visual effects, most notably Digital Domain, Centropolis
Effects, Walt Disney and Warner Bros. Animation.

Company:  Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Booth:  819, Hall F
Contact:  Frank E. Smith
Phone:  415-786-712 or 510-589-9060 (cell)

See the next wave of 3D graphics at SIGGRAPH 2000! Sun Microsystems,
Inc. will be showcasing the latest in 3D graphics technologies and
hardware. Industry leaders who are partnering with Sun will be on hand
to offer impressive demonstrations, including virtual image plane
technology, virtual prototyping and 3D surgical tools. Demonstrations
will also feature how this technology can be applied to the Internet.
Sun executives with the Workstation Products Group, including Ken
Okin, vice president and general manager, and Fred Kohout, product
marketing director, will be in the booth to discuss Sun's Expert 3D
technology, Java 3D, Sun's Technical Compute Farm, and advancements in
digital media.

Company:  Superscape Inc
Booth:  579
Contact:  Geol Yeadon
Phone:  408-969-0517

Superscape is a world leader in the development and implementation of
applications based on the company's Interactive 3D (i3D) software
technology for stand-alone and Internet-based applications. The
company's recently launched SeV technology, designed specifically for
the Web, allows designers to integrate photo realistic interactive 3D
objects with 2D components to deliver a rich media, e-business
solution. Installation of SeV is seamless, the files sizes are
extremely small (often smaller than the equivalent 2D image) and
utilizing a unique 'windowless' mode, i3D content can be easily
integrated with the overall site design.

Superscape's i3D solutions have been delivered to companies in more
than thirty countries worldwide and are used for a wide range of
visualization applications, including e-commerce, training, data and
product visualization, space planning and entertainment. Clients
include Intel, Computer Associates, LEGO Media and Ford.

Company:  Systems in Motion AS
Booth:  134
Contact:  Maj Karin Askeland
Phone:  +47 22 11 41 60

BMW, Boeing, NASA, BAE, Kawasaki, Walt Disney and many more use our
Rational Reducer; an award winning 3D model optimizer. It does not
destroy any of the original model structure or hierarchy, and
maintains visual quality at its best.

COIN is an OpenGL based 3D graphics library. It is implemented in C++
and publicly released with the source code open for your perusal. The
application programmer's interface (API) is based on the API of Open
Inventor, the de facto standard 3D graphics library.

Look for the golden chocolate COINs at Siggraph. Visit Systems in
Motion at booth 134.

Company:  Toon Boom Technologies Inc.
Booth:  729
Contact:  Karina Bessoudo
Phone:  514-278-8666

Toon Boom Technologies Inc. ( is the only company on
the international market offering a 100 percent vector-based,
resolution-independent, Macromedia Flash(TM) enabled 2D cel animation
software package. Toon Boom's USAnimation V5 product is the most
advanced 2D animation system designed for the classical animation
industry. The power and flexibility it gives to animators and studios
allow them to create animation for direct export to television, film
and the Internet. With its global installed base, USAnimation is the
industry standard in the 2D cartoon animation market. It now comes
with the LightTable and LineTest modules as well as the Toonshader
plug-in for Alias|Maya.

Company:  Vancouver Film School
Booth:  549
Contact:  Janet Cacchioni or Daniel Craig

Established in 1987, VFS offers intensive programs in 3D Animation &
Digital Effects, Classical Animation, Maya, Film, New Media, and
Acting,Writing and Makeup for Film & Television., VFS programs are
production-based and less than a year in length. Working in an
environment that is structured like a production house that teaches,
students are trained in current technology by industry professionals
and learn the skills necessary to qualify them for that first job in
the industry. Students graduate with portfolio of work to showcase
their talents and skills. VFS is accredited by the Private
Post-Secondary Education Commission of British Columbia (PPSEC) and is
a member of the Better Business Bureau.

Company:  Vicon Motion Systems
Booth:  349
Contact:  Kevin Carter
Phone:  714-259-1232

Vicon Motion Systems develops and manufactures award winning optical
motion capture systems for the television, film and game development
industries. Vicon Motion Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of
UK-based Oxford Metrics, Ltd, who has been developing motion capture
technology for over15 years. Vicon develops Vicon 8 RT for real time,
multiple character optical motion capture supporting up to 24 cameras
for highly accurate capture data. Vicon's recently released MCam, 1
million pixel resolution camera is the most advanced camera available
for optical motion capture.

Company:  Video Systems Magazine
Booth:  2321
Contact:  Emily Griste

Video Systems, the product magazine for video professional, takes a
hands-on approach to editorial coverage, it focuses on the tasks and
objectives readers face, and serves decision-makers in business and
industry, independent production facilities and independent producers.
Video Systems is the official publication of the International
Television Association (ITVA).

Company: Walt Disney Company, The
Booth:  2037
Contact:  Mary Reardon
Phone:  818-526-3590

The Walt Disney Company will be represented by Walt Disney Feature
Animation (WDFA), The Secret Lab (TSL), and Walt Disney
Imagineering (WDI). WDFA will showcase Dinosaur and debut artwork from
Atlantis and Treasure Planet. TSL will preview work for 102
Dalmatians; will highlight its Web attractions; and WDI will
present the new DisneyQuest virtual ride "Pirates of the Caribbean".

TSL will be making presentations of its work on Dinosaur, Mission to
Mars and Gone in 60 Seconds at the Alias|Wavefront, SGI, Nothing Real
and Steamboat Software booths.

All divisions will be recruiting for a wide variety of job

Company:  Yannix Technologies
Booth:  675
Contact:  Rattiya Suprakob
Phone:  323-957-3919

Yannix is a cutting-edge research and production house specializing in
digital intelligence. Since it was founded in 1995, it has been
dedicated to the development and application of computer vision
techniques to the visual effects production process. Yannix continues
to find solutions for the visual effects industry that allow for the
automated processing of real-world images by creating more intelligent
computers and computer algorithms. While our research focuses on
generating new technologies, we continue to offer our services to many
of Southern California's leading production companies on today's
state-of-the-art visual effects features.

Company:  Z Corporation
Booth:  2311
Contact:  Jenna Dziedzic
Phone:  781-852-5005

Z Corporation has commercialized an MIT-patented technology that
radically streamlines the process of building three-dimensional models
automatically from CAD files. The Z402(TM) System is an affordable 3D
printer that builds parts in an office environment, thereby providing
engineers, marketers and manufacturers a means to communicate and
improve designs in three dimensions instead of on a flat screen or
paper. The Z402 System is many times faster than any competing
technology, making it a powerful tool for reducing the time required
to bring a new product from conceptualization to market.

The Z402 System has been in commercial production since mid-1997. The
growing customer list includes Whirlpool, Graco, Toyota, Ford, Fisher
Price, NASA, Clorox, Harvard Graduate School of Design, Delphi,
Daimler Chrysler, Disney, Motorola and Adidas.

Z Corp. believes that the Z402 System's unmatched speed will
revolutionize the design cycle by allowing the designer the
opportunity to make multiple iterations within hours early in the
design process. This tool will improve part visualization and
communications while enhancing creativity and reducing the number of
design flaws. Z Corp. can be found on the Internet at

Company:  Zebra Imaging
Booth:  259
Contact:  Wayne Roberts
Phone:  512-251-5100

Zebra Imaging is at the forefront of holographic technology, creating
new products in the field of 3D visualization. The only company in the
world to offer full-color, full-parallax holograms of unlimited size,
Zebra creates holograms for advertising, trade shows, and 3D product
design. These holograms are created from digital images and have a
viewing angle more than double that available from traditional
holography. Zebra will be featured in a "HoloSpace" exhibit in
SIGGRAPH's Emerging Technologies pavilion. Founded in 1996 by three
graduates of the MIT Media Imaging Lab, Zebra Imaging is a privately
owned company located in Austin, Texas.

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