Psp Review

PSP Vs. iPod

Patrick Norton

Should you dump your iPod and pick up Sony's PSP, the PlayStation Portable? We've yet to get our hands on one here at ExtremeiPod, but we know quite a few people that have. The general consensus is that the digital audio playback on the PSP isn't half bad.

That said, the storage medium for digital audio on the PSP stinks.

If you love your iPod because you can keep your entire digital music collection with you at all times, then you're not going to drop it for the PSP.

That's because the PSP relies on Memory Stick to store music. It ships with a scant 32MB module. Just upgrade it, you say? A 1GB Memory Stick will set you back $130 or so. For comparison, a 1GB iPod Shuffle would only set you back $149.

What about some serious space for your tunes, say, a 4GB Memory Stick? That would cost you more than a 30GB iPod photo, or a pair of 4GB iPod minis. And we're just talking about the Memory Stick itself. You'd still have to add in the cost of the PSP itself, which runs from $260 to $370 depending on what comes bundled with the handheld.

Even if it's not an iPod killer, Sony's PSP still has quite a bit to offer. Gaming, of course, is the main focus of this device, and we know folks that are already addicted to some of the PSP's first games. (And it's only been out a few days!) There's also with the possibility of viewing movies, eBooks, manga comics and more.

PC Magazine has a full review of the Sony PSP.

Jim Louderback spent a week with the PSP and has a few holes to poke in the hype surrounding the new portable in PSP—What's All the Fuss About? .

If you'd like a more in depth comparison between your favorite digital audio player and Sony's new portable, then you should definitely check out PSP VS. IPOD from our sister publication,

As always, for the latest iPod news, reviews, hacks, tips and Podcasts, check out ExtremeiPod.

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