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The TB2S-A powered monitors from PMC ( is the larger of two "digitally activated" speakers recently added to the line. The monitors, using a 6.5-inch woofer and 1-inch tweeter, use digital amplification from Flying Mole and PMC's Advanced Transmission Line (ATL). The ATL technology boasts exceptional low-frequency extension, lower coloration, consistent balance at all levels and stable 3-D imaging. The black, unshielded monitors each weigh 20 pounds, are 15.7x7.8x13.7 inches (HxWxD) and are geared for near- or mid-field applications. XLR inputs are adjustable from 0 to -30 dB and reach SPLs of 111 dB at 3 feet. Options include mag shielding, a matching TLE1S sub and custom stands.


Accusound ( offers a full line of U.S.-made XLR and 1/4-inch cables, featuring twin silver-plated copper conductors, a 95% silver-plated annealed copper braid shield and an ultra-flexible wear-resistant jacket. Each set of conductors is seated in a low-loss polyethylene insulating material with a dielectric constant of less than 2.26. All Accusound cables have a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. Prices range from $12.99 to $139.99.


Crowley and Tripp ( announce a line of newly designed (not reissue) U.S.-made ribbon mics. Designed for voice, The Vocalist ($1,395) has a 30-15k Hz bandwidth, 126dB SPL handling and a bass response tailored for full low/midrange sounds. The $1,395 Soundstage Image offers an uncolored sound for broadcast, soundstage, orchestral and other applications. Proscenium ($1,485), useful for classical recording, has a warm sound reminiscent of vintage ribbon models, while the $1,595 SPLx has a smooth, rising response and is intended for high-SPL sources such as amp and percussion miking. All feature stainless-steel bodies, point-to-point wiring and transformer outputs.


Yes, you heard it right: By using a free script available at, you can control Pro Tools LE 6.7 remotely using a Bluetooth-equipped cell phone. The script allows a user to play/stop, record/punch I/O, QuickPunch toggle, rewind, fast-forward, Mark In/Out, half-speed play/record, loop playback toggle, zoom, cut, save and undo. Other requirements include a CPU with a Bluetooth module and Sailing Clicker Version 2.2.1, a Mac shareware remote-control utility.


Those needing more DSP for their Waves ( plug-ins will love the company's new dedicated hardware accelerators. The APA32 ($1,600) is a one-rackspace unit, while the more powerful APA44-M ($2,400) is a half-rack unit that can be ganged side-by-side with a second unit, providing max power in a small portable package. Up to eight units can be connected to the host computer via a standard Ethernet port and switch or shared among several DAW workstations via a suitable V-LAN configuration. These PC/Mac-compatible units support Pro Tools 6.9, Nuendo/Cubase SX 3.0.2, Logic Pro 7.1 and Digital Performer 4.52, and use Waves' Netshell, which is included in every new Waves bundle that contains Netshell-compatible plug-ins. No special authorization is required for Netshell or for an APA unit; APA users just need to update their authorized Waves plug-ins to Netshell-supported versions.


This new drive from Maxtor ( features a blistering 800M bit-per-second data transfer rate, almost twice the bandwidth of FireWire 400 and USB 2. The OneTouch II FireWire 800 comes with Maxtor's DriveLock for added security and an exclusive version of EMC Dantz Retrospect Express HD software for simple backup and restores. Apple-heads will love that the OneTouch II is ready to rock out-of-the-box, being fully bootable on a Mac running OS X system software. Prices: 200 GB, $259.95; 300 GB, $329.95.


Ableton ( releases Live 5, a major upgrade to its popular application. A partial list of features includes Clip Freeze (freeing CPU power), plug-in delay compensation and Launchable Arrangement Locators, offering arrangement/song position markers with MIDI mapping and quantized recall. In addition, the software offers support for Mackie Control and MP3, automatic tempo matching and Complex Warp Mode, a frequency-domain warping method specifically designed to accommodate composite signals such as mixed-down music. Price: $499 new; upgrades are available from earlier versions.


Born from the same stock as the company's 33609 stereo compressor, AMS-Neve ( releases the 8051 ($11,995), a 6-channel analog compressor for surround production. The unit features transformer balanced paths using two sidechains and a key input. Each channel can be controlled from either sidechain A or sidechain B, and the six signal paths can be split between the two sidechains in any format required. The key input can be connected in parallel with one of the inputs. The 8051 is available in standard and mastering stand-alone versions or incorporated into a Neve 88R Series console.


Making the software-only version of its DAW even more powerful, Merging Technologies ( releases Pyramix Native DAW V. 5 ($675). Increased I/O is the order of the day, with the standard system growing from two to four I/Os and the more advanced Native Media Bundle ($475) growing to eight I/Os. Both versions have increased from 8- to 24-track editing, mixing and processing. In addition, the Native and Media Bundle now contain all of the increased functionality of the Pyramix Virtual Studio V. 5 software with the option of 96kHz sample rate. The DAW is designed to operate on any Windows XP desktop or laptop PC using the computer's onboard audio engine or ASIO-compatible audio card. A range of available third-party plug-ins include Reverb, Audio Restoration and Time Compress/Expand with DirectX and VST compatibility.


Vintage Lexicon processor lovers and others will want to check out the new PSP EffectsPack plug-ins from PSP Audioware (, $299). The bundle comprises the Lexicon PSP 42, a knockoff of the coveted PCM 42 delay; the PSP 84, the same engine as the PSP 42 but with more advanced features; and the PSP Nitro, a multimode filter plug-in derived from analog prototypes, featuring phasers, bit-crushers, downsamplers, waveshapers and interpolated delay blocks. The plugs support HTDM/RTAS/AudioUnits/VST for Mac OS X, RTAS/VST (without PSP Nitro) for Mac OS 9 and RTAS/DirectX/VST for PC.


Mojave Audio (, known in the past as David Royer's D.I.Y. mic kit company, has released a new tube condenser mic, the MA-200 ($995). The fully assembled mic features hand-selected, 1-inch, 3-micron capsules; Jensen transformers; and military-grade JAN 5840 tubes. The mic has a fixed cardioid polar pattern and is targeted for multipurpose use, including vocals, voice-over, piano, acoustic instruments, drum overheads, orchestra and related applications. It ships with a carrying case, power supply, shock-mount and cables.


Putting the words "portable, powerful and affordable" all in the same sentence, Digital Audio Wave ( has released the W5000 ($1,645) and W4000 ($1,695) Mobile Studio range of wireless notebooks. Featuring the Intel Centrino mobile technology platform with the latest Intel 915PM chipset, the W5000 and W4000 are ideal for audio pros that want a mobile platform for PC-based desktop replacement and mobile recording and editing needs. Each offers four Intel Pentium M Processor options (1.73/1.86/2/2.13 GHz with 2MB L2 cache; 533MHz FSB), 802.11a/b/g Wi-Fi communication, 512MB DDR2, 533MHz SDRAM (upgradeable to 2,048 MB), 15-inch SXGA+ TFT LCD and a variety of hard drive options.


Beat Detective Explained! ($39.99) from Groovebox Music ( is a training tool to help Pro Tools users learn the audio and MIDI editing utility Beat Detective (Mac and PC). The interactive CD contains 20 Beat Detective lessons (nearly two hours of video) and an easy-to-use Master Command control panel. As an added bonus, more than 200 MB of license-free loops are included and ready to be used with Beat Detective. In a move that will please cross-platform users, Groovebox is merging all Mac and PC memberships for its online training. Previously, customers would choose between a Mac or PC membership, but members can now get access to both Mac and PC Pro Tools video tutorials, all for the same price. Pro Tools training memberships start at $14.99.


Two cool new handheld Hi-MD (1GB MiniDisc) recorders from Sony ( are perfect for audio recording on the go. Supported recording formats include PCM linear (44.1 kHz, 16-bit), MP3/ATRAC3 and ATRAC3plus. Both units receive power from a rechargeable internal battery, and include an ECM-DS 70P stereo microphone, MDR-EO931 earbud headphones, a mic in jack and USB port for uploading material to a Mac or PC. The MZ-M100 ($439.95) has a six-line organic electroluminescence display; the $329.95 MZ-M10 offers a five-line LCD.


A new, enhanced version of M-Audio's ( popular BX8 studio near-field, the Studiophile BX8a ($599/pair) offers improved driver materials and a new industrial design. New features include a silk-dome tweeter and a new 8-inch LF driver crafted from Kevlar. This bi-amplified design features 70 watts for lows, 60W for highs, mag shielding, individual volume controls and a rated 40-22k Hz frequency response. Dimensions are 12x10x15 inches; weight is 26.4 pounds each.

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