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Sony Announces PSP Third-Party Support

David Smith

Along with the unveiling of the final PSP hardware at its E3 press conference today, Sony Computer Entertainment America released a complete accounting of developers and publishers signed on to support its new handheld platform. The total list of companies adds up to close to 100 outfits working with the system, although Sony sneakily duplicated a few across territories for its official list.

The list, for your perusal, is as follows. Note that not all of the companies in question have games in the works (although several certainly do, given Sony's trailer of PSP titles today), but all are on board to support the system at this stage.

Japan (34 companies) Atlus Bandai Banpresto Capcom CyberFront DIMPS DORASU Electronic Arts K.K. From Software Genki Gust Hudson Soft Idea Factory Koei Konami JPN Konami TYO Konami Computer Entertainment Studios Konami Corporation Marvelous Interactive MTO Namco Nippon Ichi NOW Production Sammy Sega SNK Playmore Spike Square Enix Success Taito Tecmo Tomy WorkJam Yuke's

North America (24 companies) Activision Atari Backbone Entertainment Bethesda Softworks Eidos Interactive Electronic Arts Factor 5 InXile Konami Computer Entertainment America (Hawaii studio) LucasArts Majesco Midway Namco Hometek Radical Entertainment Rockstar Games Saffire Sega of America Snowblind Studios Sony Online Entertainment Stormfront Studios Surreal Software THQ Ubisoft Vicarious Visions

Europe (31 companies) Acclaim Entertainment Activision UK Argonaut Atari Group Blitz Games Broadsword Interactive Codemasters Criterion Driver-Inter Ltd. Eidos Interactive Eko Software Engine Software Eurocom Full Fat Productions Hothouse Creations Icon Games Ignition Entertainment Kuju Entertainment Pocket Studios Publishing Identity Svenska Rebellion Revolution Software Rockstar Games Rockstar Leeds Sidhe Interactive Tantalus Interactive Team17 Torus Games Ubisoft Visual Entertainment Warthog

South Korea (10 companies) Axis Entertainment Cinepix Coong Entertainment Expotato Lions Logics Neowiz Nexon SEED9 SKonec Entertainment Zepetto Studios

Check elsewhere on the site to day for many more PSP details and other news from Sony's E3 press conference.

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