Xbox Release Date

Tokyo Game Show: Xbox 360 Release Date, More

ExtremeTech's sister site,, is on the road covering the Tokyo Games Show in Japan this week, where Microsoft faces an uphill battle trying to bring its Xbox 360 console to bear against the reigning Godzilla, Sony's PlayStation line.

In addition to coverage from the show, 1UP reveals the U.S. launch date for the Xbox 360 (you'll probably have the time to play it) as well as some of the early titles for the console and a video montage featuring movies and some early gameplay.

Xbox 360 Press Conference: U.S. release date, Japanese price, new games

Xbox 360 Conference Impressions: The launch list will be the litmus test.

Japan Curious But Not Sold on Xbox 360: "It's not going to be possible to be number one."

Xbox 360 Video Montage: Videos of the Japanese lineup of Xbox 360 games.

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Xbox Release Date
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